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Gamefaqs Poll results. Really???

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User Info: Double_Wide

4 years ago#81
dudultimateness posted...
I just got done voting in the poll and normally I vote with the majority but when I voted that I wouldn't care at all I was shocked to see there were only 3% of you out there like me. I can't quite catch onto why so many people out there are so obsessed with used games. Is the $10 Gamestop gives you off the next used C.O.D really that big of a deal?

So I'm wondering, do THAT many of you really buy that many used games?


If by blocking used games Microsoft can make the price of all new games at most $40 by going completely digital would you still have the same opinion?

1. The developers' lack responsibility for unreasonable pricing of games and current business formula of DLC etc

2. It's bad for economy as it would put a lot companies out of business, reduce the business of the other companies, and many people willl lose their jobs.

3. It alienates certain parts of its consumer base (economically to be specific)

4. Forces the market to go digital only since physical media will do nothing but collect dust after playing.

5. ^ Going digital only could effect your ability to play games whenever you want or even owning them outright. simplest terms, there's nothing good about this for the consumer and the developers reep all the reward.

User Info: Magoo111

4 years ago#82
I care more about Gamefly and the occasional run to, say, a Disc Replay then I do GameStop's used games.

User Info: DanteSInferno84

4 years ago#83
The thing is, my opposition to blocking used games (and I'm sure I'm not alone) isn't simply to save 10 dollars on a new just launched game, its the fact that I'm not always there at launch for games, and I tend to really be behind when it comes to new consoles, as I don't always get them right away either.

That being the case, games don't always have the time in retail that works out for everyone. I mean, think about someone who actually can't get around to getting one of these systems till about, say, even the next gen (it happens, 360s and PS3s are still selling, even Wiis). And you buy it because you've heard of this great series thats popped up, and you would love to buy and play... catch being, its been off of shelves for about a year and half if not longer now. How are you going to play it? Borrowing from a friend is out (unless you like borrow the ENTIRE system too). This would normally lead to resorting to buying it used (and yes, I said resorting, as used isn't always my first choice. There tend to be alot of pluses to buying new when you can).

And buying new off of places like Amazon for a good game tends to just be robbery. You think Gamestop is bad, the marked up new price can be upwards to double what you'd of paid retail.

If you can afford to buy new at launch all the time, along with always getting the new things right away, good for you. Glad in these hard times you have that much disposable cash. But there are still BUDGET gamers out there who have to sit and wait. These are the ones that frankly, moves like this, will budget themselves right out affordability.

User Info: CrimsonCorp

4 years ago#84
I only buy new games. But only a few at the full $60 price tag.

I mostly buy games a year after the release at 30 or 20 bucks from Amazon. Low price, but still new.

I hate used games, especially how Gamestop stores and handles them (and they even do that to some new games too, wtf? why take them out of their case if they're new?)
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User Info: Eureka_Seven_RL

4 years ago#85
You wouldn't be able to buy used, rent, and would be caught up in bs agreement rules. Personally I can't afford $60 games. I'll admit it I'm poor. I live with my parents while I go to community college. If I wanted just 2 games that would be $120 right there. I can finish a game in a week. Those are an expensive 2 weeks. Renting saves my pass time of gaming. I rent a game and send it back after I beat it. They already have online passes and dlc. That's where it should end.
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User Info: atopp399

4 years ago#86
They would never lower the price. They act is if they are losing money now to used games. If that's true they wouldn't be in business. New game prices already factor in used sales. That's how companies are making money even though supposedly they are losing money to used sales.

User Info: BigReed

4 years ago#87
Anybody who tells me how to use my products in a manner like that will lose a customer for life. I don't care if I've been gaming for 23 years, nobody is going to limit what I buy like that.

I could understand using some other methods however. Like hey, let's release DD games for a bit less as an incentive to shift over from physical copies. Or, get Comcast and all the other internet providers to actually upgrade their crap so we can finally catch up to Korea in terms of internet speeds.
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User Info: Socrato

4 years ago#88
I own 161 Xbox 360 games. Only 4 of them did I buy new. My average cost per game is $4. So yes, I do love used games.

User Info: Cactus11

4 years ago#89
The only way a used game block would succeed would be if gamers like some of you purposefully shot yourselves in the foot by agreeing with it. Businesses cater to the needs and desires of CONSUMERS. That's how business works. The gaming industry gets away with things like price fixing (games almost always being 60 regardless of quality) and charging you extra to get all of the game features if you buy used.

The gaming industry is one of the only industries that I can think of that actually have found a way to try and force consumers to pay extra to get their entire product when purchased from someone who sells used games. Used cars are sold...the original car creators get nothing. Used deep fryers, pencils, lawn mowers, air purifiers..anything you can think of that is sold at a garage sale...none of it ever gets a kickback to the industry who created the product originally. BUT, because the gaming community is a bunch of pushovers, companies have been able to hit us with that cost. And it's not just about used games. My house has three xbox 360s in it. If I purchase a game, why should my family members not be able to play it to its fullest extent? They can use any other products in my house.

Mark my words folks...the more you let them take, the more they WILL take. It might not matter to you, but in principal it should. If I was a con-man slowly tricking you into giving up rights or property, you would shake me off and send me away. If a game company does it, you welcome them with open arms. Very bad.

Edit: Also, you can see that a general response is "Well, you're gonna buy the console, you can't help it! You just don't know it yet!" This is exactly my point. Gamers are an addicted group of folks. It's like if you had a drug dealer and he starts you out on the pure stuff and then starts cutting it with garbage slowly over time. At this point, people still need it now regardless of the garbage thats thrown in.
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User Info: Dragonclaw_ZERO

4 years ago#90
For me, it's because Older games are no longer published so if I wanted to play a high quality game that wasn't released yesterday, it can be difficult.

ESPECIALLY if the initial shipment wasn't that high. Any cult hit will be a nightmare to find new, afterall.

So that's why for me.
Repeat Infinitum.
If you don't get the above post, just assume I'm being sarcastic.
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