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Do you think the Nextbox will be another GIANT console?

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  3. Do you think the Nextbox will be another GIANT console?

User Info: blablablax17

4 years ago#1
The first model Xbox 360 was HUGE! But the slim managed to reduce the size a little bit, and to an even bigger extent, the slim and super slim PS3 managed to reduce the size and weight considerably.

The Wii U (inb4lolwiiuisntnextgen) actually fit all that power in quite a compact console.
But I think that the Nextbox/PS4 will both be giant consoles when released, as well as loud and hot.
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User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#2
It was so huge I could hardly fit it in my car. I mean seriously, it's no wonder so many of them had RRoD since we had to tie them down on top of our cars because they were so huge...Don't even get me started about fitting them through the front door...
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User Info: TantrumBull

4 years ago#3
The xbox and 3DO come to mind for some reason.
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User Info: JenniferTate

4 years ago#4
Like 'em loud and hot.
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User Info: Scymite

4 years ago#5
The 1st xbox was a giant console, but I feel like the Xbox 360 is about average. The PS3 was bigger than the 360.

So no, it doesn't seem likely to be another GIANT console since it hasn't been in almost 8 years.
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User Info: EnemyWithin88

4 years ago#6
The best is knowing full well how much your 360 weighs and hooking up your original xbox to play. I forgot how much they weighed
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  3. Do you think the Nextbox will be another GIANT console?

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