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What was your favorite year of Gaming this Gen?

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User Info: lebronwadebosh

4 years ago#21
2010 only because of Red Dead Redemption .. RED DEAD REDEMPTION
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User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#22
2009 because I got my 360 in 2009. It was fun to grab a lot of JRPGs at that time.

User Info: Vegeta_Yulaw

4 years ago#23
where is arkham city?

User Info: GinsuVictim

4 years ago#24
lebronwadebosh posted...
2010 only because of Red Dead Redemption .. RED DEAD REDEMPTION

THIS is what I came in to say.
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User Info: Enix Belmont

Enix Belmont
4 years ago#25
2010, runner ups to 2008 or 2011. You can't beat ME2, Bayonetta and SSF4 in one year.

Great topic structure, btw.

User Info: KOTRwhoops

4 years ago#26
2010 closely followed by 2007, although I think this year will be the best, I think the last year of a generation is often right up there.
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User Info: weapon_d00d816

4 years ago#27
I chose 2008, but not for any of those titles you mentioned. You totally forgot Gears of War 2, Fable II, and Dead Space.
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User Info: Travarkoth

4 years ago#28
Vegeta_Yulaw posted...
where is arkham city?

I can't list all the games that come out in the year, so I group them in 'etc.'

It came out in 2011, though, so you can vote for that?
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User Info: BBBanks03

4 years ago#29
2007 for sure, console gaming was so exciting at that time and a crapload of fresh new titles were just pouring out. It's still good now... but I feel like I've been standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus that was supposed to be here a long time ago.

2011 is a close second.
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User Info: rdking96

4 years ago#30
2007 takes the cake.

Based on the sheer awesomeness of Oblivion by itself, 2006 is a close second. That game literally took me 2-3 years to complete and even drowned out some of the awesome games that came out in 2007. I didn't get around to playing Bioshock, ME, and others simply because I was too busy playing Oblivion!!!
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