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Bioshock game idea. (Rapture)

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User Info: StroutX

4 years ago#1
I'm just waiting for a game to install, so I'm bored, and no I don't care I'm not posting on the Bioshock forum. It's dead. I was thinking maybe a downloadable mini-sequel like Alan Wake got. (Even though I doubt we'll ever revisit Rapture)

~Random Rapture character. Let's just say... 22 years old, wants to escape Rapture.
~Start off in one of the many towers, bottom level. There are... 25 floors (levels). Each level determines the next.
~There is a real threat of drowning. Unlike the previous two games.*
~More survival horror, less action.**

Starting off in the lowest level, the character has to make their way to the top floor in order to secure an escape craft. Along the way are the standard assortment of splicers. However...
The longer you take on a level, the more flooded it will become. The water wont have physics similar to Hydrophobia, because... I don't think those mechanics would work. Instead, a water "zone" would rise slowly triggering events and effects like machines shorting out, or water (graphics trigger) flowing down a stair case. The graphics would still be static, but would alter depending on how long the character has been in the level. Such as... A stair case.
~First it would just be normal. If the player takes too long, water starts gently flowing down it (a warning).
~Eventually, water will begin to flow freely down the stairs, causing the player to slow down.
~Even longer, the water will gush down the stairs, nearly impeding the player.
~Too long, the stair case is flooded. Player has to move through while holding their breath or using a sparse oxygen tank.

The level various flooded stages would also affect the Splicers and others. If the player is quick, they can make it through a few levels quickly, they will have extra time before the level starts flooding. Therefore they will see Little Sisters and Big Daddies to try and get Adam from. However, this also means they encounter a LOT more Splicers.
The more flooded the level becomes (4 dynamics)-
~Normal= More Splicers. Intact machines. Little Sisters/Big Daddies.
~Slight flood= Less splicers. Half intact machines. Mild electrical hazards.
~Severe flood= Very few splicers. No machines. Extreme electrical hazards.
~Flooded= No normal splicers. But a "nemesis"esque underwater splicers chases. Similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, you gotta breath every so often, so find air pockets or oxygen tanks.

... Well my game download is at 67% complete. I'm still bored.

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User Info: SoF-Rambo

4 years ago#2
Y u gots 2 say da nay no 2 Hydrophobia water physics? I think they were pretty good, and would fit this.
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User Info: StroutX

4 years ago#3
Mostly because I don't think the Unreal Engine would do so well with flowing water physics.
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