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Let's predict E3 13

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User Info: KtuluheroII

4 years ago#1
New Xbox
Kinect 2.0
Summer of Arcade

New 3D Mario (confirmed)
New Smash Bros (confirmed)
Bayonetta 2
Donkey Kong Country
Yoshi's Island 2

Beyond Two Souls
FF Versus
The Last Guardian

User Info: StarGoy

4 years ago#2
The 360 board gets all hyped up.
The_Dark_Slay3r makes the definitive topic. People flood in.
Someone else tries to make another E3 topic and fails miserably.
Some talk about Kinect, a hint of the new console.

"New" unreleased IP we already know about.
Hint at new console with stupid boasts that'll never materialise, yet people will believe it.

"WiiU is not a failure! See, we got a new Mario, Zelda, F-Zero game coming out."
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