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Resident Evil 6 worth $13.50?

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User Info: Rygon

4 years ago#11
Please expand on why shooting games or "pew pew" is inferior to your favorite genres.

User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#12
Jhardy12121 posted...
So my work has it half off then I get another 10% off to bring it down to $13.50 so is it worth it ? I enjoyed both 4 and 5 but it seems like there's a lot of negativity around that game.

Yes paid 60 worth every penny ignore the dumb trolls it has its flaws yes but it is much better than 5 not quite good as 4 15 is a steal

User Info: PopSmore

4 years ago#13
it's good for 1 playthrough, after that. not so much. i'd pay under 15 for one play through though.

User Info: Carte360

4 years ago#14
heck yes, get it now!
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User Info: Stray_Zero

4 years ago#15
I guess, but don't worry guys, it'll be $20 at Best Buy starting tomorrow.
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User Info: RanmaRanma

4 years ago#16
VincentVega posted...
I liked it much better than 4...


User Info: CrimsonStryke28

4 years ago#17
It's worth it, a very fun game, even better with coop.

User Info: Billy_Delicious

4 years ago#18
Not without it's problems, but a fun game nontheless. Very definitely worth a mere $13.
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User Info: Arucard05

4 years ago#19
From: kungfucolin | #006
Sure many people complained about the game, but this is only because they are comparing it to other resident evil games.


TC the price of the game is not really an issue, the real question is: Is it worth the time it would take to play it?
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User Info: kungfucolin

4 years ago#20
Please bear in mind that Arucard hates every Resident Evil since #2
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