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Digital or Physical: How do you prefer your Video Games?

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User Info: zezmeril2345

4 years ago#51
Personally, I prefer a physical copy of a game, but I will settle with a digital copy if that's all there is.
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User Info: builder111

4 years ago#52
I would like both in a sense. I'm fine with digital but let me backup the data on a HDD somewhere. Pirates are gonna crack it anyway so let people who pay have their own backup. I don't want to rely on some company that may be out of business in a few years to keep it on their servers forever.

User Info: desert_santa

4 years ago#53
physical, but if the original 360/ps3 models had been a lot more durable and had fifty times the memory size i might have been persuaded

maybe they can do a better job next gen

more sales/discounts would be nice too

i keep hearing how great steam is but it's totally irrelevant since it's on the PC(unless it's making it's way to the consoles?)

i'm not writing digital off in the future, but it needs a major overhaul for the consoles to get me to ditch physical media(still, at least it's nowhere near as bad as the handhelds)
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User Info: cdog21

4 years ago#55
Physical and only physical. I've still got my Atari and the dozen game I use to play on it when I was 4.
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User Info: vanguard29

4 years ago#56
Samman123 posted...
Physical since, actually own it.

this. i havent read much of the posts, and im sure it has been said a few dozen times, but what if my system craps out? i will be left in the dark, my money wasted. this has actually happened to me, so now i try to buy all physical
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User Info: 2NIKNIM

4 years ago#57

It's the tactile experience that want to have with my purchase. From the moment of breaking that seal and hearing the first snap as the case opens, to popping the disc away with your thumb & finger and watching the light bounce off the back of the disc. Then there is the scent of the ink from the manual when you thumb through the pages looking at the artwork they contain.

There are other habits too such as not getting thumb prints on the data side of the disc, so we end up pinching them with the whole and outer edge even though we know they will never really damage them.

It may seem like a small thing but it's the silly rituals like that comes with having a physical medium that would be lost if we went for digital distribution.
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User Info: Kamex

4 years ago#58
Physical for console, digital for PC.
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User Info: SoincMetal

4 years ago#59
Winternova posted...
SoincMetal posted...
physical, just how i like my women.

I like my women like I like my coffee.

Ground up and in the freezer.

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User Info: sausage54

4 years ago#60
Console - physical

Handheld (Vita) - digital
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