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Just beat Red Dead Redemption for the first time tonight.

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User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#51
Dragon Nexus posted...
For me, the biggest issue with the ending missions was it so blatently foreshadowed a bad ending.

It's like when you watch a slasher movie and the slasher "dies" 20 minutes before the end of the movie. Because the last 20 minutes is just going to be wrap up scenes showing what happened to everyone afterwards, right? Of course not, it's a fake out designed to try and make you think everything;s fine until the not-dead slasher returns and kills Sarah McMaincharacter and her boyfriend, or whatever.

Same deal with RDR. He got back with his family (who we were supposed to care about despite never seeing, poor writing there since we form more emotional connections with the people we DO meet and have to just take John's word for it that he loves his family creating a disconnect between the player and protagonist) and we're meant to believe things are fine, like the grand finale of a video game is really going to be herding a few cows and setting up the farm before...what? the sun goes down on the horizon and the credits roll? What kind of ending would that be?

So obviously it's a fake out section that will lead to the grand finale. So in the end I didn't care about that twist because I saw it coming from miles away. And I'm not trying the old "Huh, I'm so smart I can predict everything" crap, I mean I just recognised the trope for what it was. In a film it might have worked, but it cannot work for a video game. The gamer expects everything to reach a crescendo right at the end and the end cutscene and credits are our cooling off period. We don't have the crescendo 2 hours of gameplay before the credits and then trundle on to an eventual stop.

^ this...but i didn't take it as a bad thing...I won't lie, while I foresaw the end for John, there was a part of me that grew attached to him and really was hoping that there was a way out for him...and in a sense I think that is what R* was aiming for as well (amongst the many lessons & statements). I think they wanted you to be wondering how John was going to get out of this web of his past, the lies, etc...even though you knew deep down it could only end one way for him.
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User Info: whiteboygene

4 years ago#52
Killah Priest posted...
I was glad at what happened to that terrible character John Marston.

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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
4 years ago#53


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