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Releasing a Demo Can Hurt Game Sales

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User Info: Travarkoth

4 years ago#1
Games without demos sell better than games with demos. That’s the message delivered by Puzzle Clubhouse CEO and analyst Jesse Schell at a DICE keynote this year.

Citing data from the video game research and consulting company EEDAR, Schell said that Xbox 360 games without a demo or a trailer sold less than 100,000 units on average. Meanwhile, those with just a demo sold around 200,000 and those with both a demo and a trailer averaged around 250,000. However, those with only a trailer averaged over 500,000.

"You mean we spent all this money making a demo and getting it out there, and it cut our sales in half?" said Schell, imitating a concerned publisher. "Yes, that's exactly what happened to you."

"People see the trailer and they're like 'that's cool!' and they made a plan. 'I gotta try that game!'" said Schell. "And then when they play the demo [and they think] 'alright I've tried that game. That was cool. I'm done.' But the things with no demo, you've got to buy it if you want to try it."
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User Info: TheYummy

4 years ago#2
Sure it can hurt sales if the demo is for a crap game. Then people will realize its crappy. On the off chance the demo is appealing then they will gain a sale. A trailer cant sell a game to me especially if no game play is shown.

User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#3
If a game is crappy, then it deserves to have poor sales.

User Info: The Devourer

The Devourer
4 years ago#4
Yeah because people buy the game on a gamble and when they try the demo and don't buy it they don't think "now I tried it, cool, I'm done" or whatever crap they spouted. People play the demo and the demo doesn't grab their ****ing interest. A good demo makes you want to play more. It doesn't make you feel like you're done.

And not every game is going to appeal to everyone...a demo is supposed to be the most representative way of gauging a game's interest to you.
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User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#5
It's a bulls*** theory because the demos that do kill sales usually suck, and that's the reason sales dropped, because the demo was horrid and it reflected badly on the full game.

And the sales they "gained" with the demos are the people who would have still hated that game and traded it in anyways. They suckered those people into buying a bad game by not releasing a demo.

Kingdoms of Amalur had that problem, the demo was buggy as hell and game sales dropped off a cliff.

Make a good demo that shows favorably toward the full game and people will still buy the game.
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User Info: RisingWater

4 years ago#6
I think he is right.Good demo can spur sales but the problem is that some games simply cannot be represented with a demo,especially RPGs.I remember Tales of Vesperia,crappy demo but amazing game.Rockstar is very smart for not making GTA demos.

The other problem is that gamers are weird creatures that live in black and white world.

User Info: Link43130

4 years ago#7
Dude's right, regardless of what everyone in the thread's gonna say.
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User Info: hak145

4 years ago#8
I dont know why any sane consumer would argue against demos if that is what your supporting TC. I say good riddance that a demo lowers sales, because it should if the demo is bad.
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User Info: Donomega

4 years ago#9
I've played some demos that where actually more fun then the retail game lol
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User Info: catgrizinsider

4 years ago#10
What they should do is allow people to buy the demo for, say, $20, and put that towards the rest of the game when it releases...
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