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Game demos that never get old

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User Info: XT3M3

4 years ago#11
if you like racing then grid.

when you take out the trolls, its a REALLY fun racing game.
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User Info: oasisbeyond

4 years ago#12
Tony Hawk Pro Skater on the ps1 or Dreamcast :) GOOD TIMES!!!
Metal Gear Solid ps1 :)

User Info: NGd72

4 years ago#13
Ninja Gaiden

User Info: Res5

4 years ago#14
I had a hard time tearing myself away from the Lost Planet 2 multiplayer demo before I had money to buy games for my new PS3 three years ago. To this day I still haven't gotten LP2 but I have LP, though I haven't played it much yet.
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User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

4 years ago#15
Not on the 360, but I remember playing the demo for Super Runabout: San Francisco on Dreamcast for like 2 months.
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