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Do you guys think Microsoft will use proprietary hard drives for the Next Xbox?

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  3. Do you guys think Microsoft will use proprietary hard drives for the Next Xbox?

User Info: schmittycent2

4 years ago#11
Than say that in the first place, I would like to know why it matters what kind of hard drive they use, I have a 250 gig and have barely used 100 of it.
Xbox GT schmittycent

User Info: The Devourer

The Devourer
4 years ago#12
It matters because if it's proprietary you can't go out and buy one much bigger for the same price and plug it in because they force you to use theirs essentially. I have a 250 and have about 30gb free and that's after deleting stuff for a couple games I just traded in. You can get at least a 1TB 2.5" drive for the price of the 250gb drive for 360.

Digital distribution is impossible with such small amounts especially with their slow games on demand speeds and the space demands.
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4 years ago#13
Yes. Non proprietary HDD is how they hacked PSN.

User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
4 years ago#14
TC, I think you mean internal, not external.
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User Info: schmittycent2

4 years ago#15
I guess I just don't put that kind of stuff on my Xbox, heck my laptop only has a 300 gig hd and I still have at least 30 to 40 gigs left on that.
Xbox GT schmittycent

User Info: BilliePilgrim

4 years ago#16
The Devourer posted...
BilliePilgrim posted...
MS allows you to use personal external drives. There are some caveats to that, but you definitely can.

You can't grab a standard SATA 2.5" drive and throw it in. So yeah, they pretty much make you use a proprietary drive.

TC asked if we'd be able to use external drives. I answered that question, not one about internal drives.
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User Info: richboy900

4 years ago#17
Most likely proprietary as microsoft will probably be fussy and only let you spend money on and use their own hard drives. Its a joke how you can get a much better hard drive for a pc for a fraction of the price of an xbox hd.

User Info: MadDogV2

4 years ago#18
Yes, have you not noticed what massive control freaks M$ have been this gen? I don't expect that to change, in fact I will be shocked if they don't use a proprietary HDD.
PSWii60 owner GT/PSN/Steam: MadDogV2
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