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Xbox 360 Surpasses 76 Million Console Sales

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User Info: vashtricham

4 years ago#21
Quote:vashtricham posted...
Quote:Hi C posted...
How many are rebuys because of cheap intentionally faulty hardware designed to be replaced often?

Probably far less than the countless PS1, PS2, and PS3 rebuys over the years because of cheap, intentionally faulty hardware designed to be replaced often.
Msoft knew of the RROD problem during production months before the system was released. Profit and releasing their console first was more important to them than their customers. Sony never purposely sold their costumes faulty systems and their failure rate was never as high as 360's

The PS2 was just as bad, but Sony kids will never admit it. Sony also knew PS2 was total s*** early on, yet kept right on making them for years before finally being forced to do something when they lost a class action suit over POS2.

Revisionist Sony fanboy history can be fun, but I prefer what actually happened.

I'll take 10% failure rate over 30% failure rate any day. Msoft knew about the RROD problem and choose to ignore it because it saved them money and it got their console out faster and people choose to ignore this. Plus sony fixed their console much faster than Msoft did with theirs. Msoft tried as long as they could to deny it was as big as a problem as it was. Stop trying to protect your precious Fanboyism, the 360 RROD fiasco was far worse

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User Info: knightimex

4 years ago#22
Do these numbers include RROD, and people upgrading their Xbox to the slim models?
Old School Games FTW!
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