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Xbox Delivered 18 Billion Hours Of Entertainment In 2012

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User Info: Dev445

4 years ago#1

Since July, the Xbox Live community burned 200 million calories using Kinect workout programs and games
Family content viewing on Xbox Video grew over 400 percent
The Hunger Games broke the record for biggest opening day on Xbox Video
According to Experian Simmons Spring 2012 Media survey, 38 percent of Xbox Live players are female
Experian data also shows that 54 percent of the community has at least one child in the household
Entertainment app usage grew 57 percent year over year
24 million Kinect sensors have been sold worldwide
The Xbox Live community now boasts 46 million subscribers, a 15 percent YOY growth
Xbox 360 has been the number one selling console for 24 consecutive months in the U.S.
76 million consoles have been sold worldwide
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4 years ago#2
Its like going over a big hill and you get that tingling feeling in your ding dong

User Info: GorillaOnRoof

4 years ago#3
I was actually a part of that grouping of people who experienced hours of entertainment. We've made history .
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User Info: Banana_Mana

4 years ago#4
I logged 15 billion of those hours.

Becoz H4RDC0rE!
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User Info: HMXTaylor_Lee

4 years ago#5
That's a lot of Netflixing.

What's a Hunger Game? I've never even heard of it, yet it gets biggest opening? Craziness.
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