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Do they periodically remove games from the marketplace?

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User Info: sephiroth0000

4 years ago#1
I notice a lot of games I downloaded way back before, like root beer tapper, xevios, and so on, are no longer anywhere to be found on the xbla marketplace. And, I'm assuming they also did away with "xbox originals"? I know they did away with backward compatibility several updates ago, but did they take the downloadable ones away?
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User Info: _Ominousity_

4 years ago#2
Backwards Compatibilty/Xbox Originals are still available. Some content has been removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace for various reasons, usually having to do with licenses expiring or the publisher not having rights to the franchise in question any longer.
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User Info: Johnny_Sinister

4 years ago#3
Fortunately, even games that have been de-listed from the Marketplace can still be re-downloaded if you purchased the game at some point while it was available.

You just need to scan through your download history and find when you downloaded it. There should be an option to download it again.

I have been able to use this for a handful of de-listed titles. Not sure if it works for all of them though.
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User Info: sephiroth0000

4 years ago#4
well i never deleted any of them off my console. I just have a considerable amount of titles i bought back in the '07-'09 range that seem to no longer be available, i noticed while browsing the available selection the other day.
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User Info: popping4it

4 years ago#5
check you download history they should all be there
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User Info: Reverend_Fields

4 years ago#6
He's not saying that he deleted them and is trying to find them. He's just asking if they shuffle the title selection from time to time, since he sees that a lot of games that he currently has, are no longer offered on the marketplace today.
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User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#7
More than 50 games have been delisted, there's a full chart on Wiki.
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User Info: SoincMetal

4 years ago#8
I know in my download history it says something along the lines of "Content No Longer Available" I don't think i'll ever remember what that could be, my TMNT games can still be DL'd as far as i know.
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User Info: MK_God

4 years ago#9
RIP game ever..
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