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Manuals - Paper vs Digital

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User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

4 years ago#1
Paper vs Digital - Results (53 votes)
Stop being cheap - gimme my paper manual back!
73.58% (39 votes)
When they include a manual on the game disc that's cool and enough for me!
7.55% (4 votes)
I really never use or need either!
18.87% (10 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I was disappointed when sly 4 had no paper manual but actually on the disc there is a full manual - which is 55" on my TV WITH MUSIC - IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?
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User Info: HaloODSTD

4 years ago#2
I really never use or need either! Last time I looked through one was probably the original xbox days....
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User Info: darkhare

4 years ago#3
paper, i keep all of my gaming and puzzle mags by the toilet.
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User Info: nothingbeast

4 years ago#4
I don't really care either way as long as I get some kind of manual.

I prefer paper, but digital works just as well.

However, I do find the cheap tri-fold controller schematic silly.
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User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#5
Stop being cheap, publishers. Cut down a few trees and give us proper manuals, in color.

Dishonored's was awesome (like everything that games does). It was in color. Told you how to play. Listed the abilities, what they did, and what their upgrades did. Listed notable locations of Dunwall. Listed notable people of Dunwall. There was flavor text throughout the whole thing.

It was a proper manual for proper gamers.
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User Info: HMXTaylor_Lee

4 years ago#6
Digital is an acceptable alternative, as long as you can pull it up at anytime in the game via the pause menu. The great thing about paper manuals is that they are a quick and easy reference.

I'll always prefer paper myself, but if the elimination of physical manuals helps to reduce shipping and production costs for all parties involved, I guess I will live.

User Info: PStrife

4 years ago#7
Paper, I am also sick of these cheapwad 360 game cases. I never asked for this cheap crap, if you wanna be cheap you have to lower those MSRPs. This is a give and take, not just a take.

Idiot publishers are too stupid to get how crappy their over-all package is degrading the worth of their very products. If you present yourselves cheaply, your software is also presumed to be of low quality.

Nobody seems to understand standards anymore. Just some cheapwad publishers trying to scam consumers with cheap low quality product. They don't even release cheaper product as a result, makes absolutely no sense with this cheaply produced product.

I never asked for this crappy presentation, I expect more from these people. Contrary to the lowly teenagers with their low standards of free games from mommy and poppy. As a long-time console gamer I am insulted.

User Info: Mumble_

4 years ago#8
There needs to be more manuals like the Halo 3 one.

User Info: CyricsServant

4 years ago#9
I really never use or need either . . . but I demand paper manuals!

User Info: GGearX

4 years ago#10
I love Digital manuals. The graphics are way better. And the letters are clearer. MGS HD Collection is an example.
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