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New Xbox called the "Xbox Infinity"?

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User Info: Pie_FOREVER

4 years ago#1

What do you think?

User Info: HeliosAscension

4 years ago#2
cool with me, I'll still just call it an Xbox anyway .
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User Info: GGearX

4 years ago#3
Just call it the xbox 720. Sheesh. Who cares anymore.
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User Info: masblas

4 years ago#4
Did a quick google search and there's tons of rumor stories so could be a possibility. My opinion, don't really care for the name as long as it has some amazing video games then I'm sold but it's sounding more like a gloried entertainment box.

User Info: Donomega

4 years ago#5
That infinity symbol looks sort of like the number eight that fainted when he read all the rumors about the next Xbox.

User Info: Fox133

4 years ago#6
the Xfinity :-o

User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

4 years ago#7
I don't mind this name, or really any of the other rumored names. 720 doesn't make too much sense so I doubt they'd use it, but Xbox Infinity sounds pretty good and the infinity symbol fits thematically with the Windows 8 OS. They could just call it Xbox 8 too for all I care.

User Info: BlueJester007

4 years ago#8
Fox133 posted...
the Xfinity :-o

Comcast already took that idea.
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User Info: Wii_Used

4 years ago#9
I like it. I like it a lot.

User Info: TheArcade

4 years ago#10

Maximum Spider!
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