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Wii U cpu 10x stronger than Xbox 360

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User Info: _Elite_Bushido_

4 years ago#31
From: knightimex | #017
_Elite_Bushido_ posted...
From: knightimex | #015
Ignorant wii u attacks have to stop......

NBA 2k13 on the Wii U was literally a step down in tech used... the uniforms dont even move, theyre stiff like a last gen game... that **** has been in this gen since NBA2k6 back in 05'......... hilarity

Every port made by EA + a few others are insanely bad in comparison to the wii u exclusives.

Makes me believe 3rd party devs such as EA are not even in the same league as Nintendo or P* etc. when it comes to making good quality games.

uh... what? EA had nothin to do with that game.......
fail troll is fail
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User Info: RubMyDucky

4 years ago#32
Those who like myself have a gaming PC win.

Optimizations seems to be a arcane art of video games. Few devs are masters of it. Some occasionally stumble upon it. But to most, it's all ancient Greek.

User Info: Sxmfct

4 years ago#33
RubMyDucky posted...
Those who like myself have a gaming PC win.



I'll be getting a new GPU the day the 720 comes out.

It'll cost less and offer better performance, win-win in anyone's book
"We play the game without having to worry about viruses, system instability, OS deterioration, Compatibility issues, or crappy controls." - 95_Eclipse


4 years ago#34
MRL3G3ND posted...
that is's like he's trying to justify his purchase to us.

Heres the scenario kid...

WiiU is NOT a next gen is actually extremely late for this gen...and this gen is on it's way out the door in months

The wii was successful because it ushered in a new innovative way to play it didn't matter if it had LAST gen Graphics

But..that big ole touch screen controller only appeals to the small hardcore demograph...not the sweeping casuals nintendo thrived off of last gen

Hardcore titles where stripped down almost naked on the wii, and it was embarassing to even try to play them...they were ugly compared to the PS3 and 360, and they controlled even worse

So what you will see ( and I hope you get to see it before 720 and ps4 comes out) is the power of the wiiU displayed ONLY IN FIRST PARTY GAMES....

Multiplats will be on par with twhat the wii was to the 360/ps3...stripped down embarassments

publishers don't want to spend a lot of time and money on projects where they don't even break 100k

Games will be developed on the easiest system 1st and ported to all others...with the wiiU being last and the ugliest...

sorry's nintendo's dumb ass fault... they lucked up and rolled a 7 last gen, and straight crapped out this time

well said ;D.

Also,some other FACTS about wiiu vs 360:

Wiiu GPU is much weaker than 360's.

wiiu RAM is 43% slower than 360's.

User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
4 years ago#35
Jeez, you'd expect the Wii U to at least be on-par with a 7 year old console.

It's setting the console up for failure right from the off. Currently the console can get the current gen multiplat games with fancy "Let's show off the technology instead of implimenting it seamlessly with the gameplay" tablet functions, but once next gen comes along and the Xbox and Playstation show off their much better graphical range they're stuffed. (they just need to repeat the current gen but with graphic effects turned on (Take this video as an example Imagine the "Demo" is next gen and the "Final" is current. That kinda thing))

The Wii U will suddenly become previous gen graphically and even if they do get the new must have multi plat at the same time as the new consoles, gamers will realise they'll be getting the graphically weakest game with the only "benefit" being the tablet controller.

So the Wii U feels like it has a terminal illness and the next gen Xbox and Playstation consoles are just going to cut its life support.
"The problem with quotes on the internet is that you can never be sure if they're true" - Abraham Lincoln

User Info: FredSavage27

4 years ago#36
The next Xbox will have even higher numbers that the layman doesn't understand or care about.

User Info: crucial

4 years ago#37
Guy's it's to easy and feel guilty,at least Sony fanboys have a decent console with some real good game's but a Nin fanboy bosting about the Wii U LOL,let me guess the 12 mario game's have not been released yet?waiting for a Luigi game?Pokemon or we can see how bad they screw up the Metroid series this gen again,Nin is dead and have no hope this gen what so ever,I think people are starting to catch on to there gimiks.

User Info: MK_God

4 years ago#38
Dragon Nexus posted...
From: MK_God | #003
If we're going to talk about cpu strength....PC's. That is all.

PC is....what?

shhh. Sorry I don't think all my posts through like I'm writing an English paper.
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User Info: dj___roll

4 years ago#39
Quote:Luthor_ posted...
knightimex posted...
Ignorant wii u attacks have to stop......

So you attack the Xbox 360?

More like public announcement seeing how so many confuse wii u as being on par with older consoles.

I don't think anyone is confused about it being on par with current consoles. It's the 720/ps4 that will be much better than it.
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