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The Worst Xbox Live Arcade Games You've Played

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User Info: dcn2424

4 years ago#51

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#52
Royale with Cheese. What do they call a Big Mac? Big Mac's a Big Mac, but they call it Le Big Mac.

User Info: xcmon3yx2

4 years ago#53
let's see

Limbo (simplistic, short, easy with no replay value)
Disc Of Tron ("shudders")
Vigilante 8 Arcade (Truly messed up a great game)
I Am Alive
Turtles In Time (they dun goofd)
Quake Arena (clearly not meant to be played on a console)
Undertow (utter ****)
Novadrome (potentially the worst on my list)
Let's Play, and Guides

User Info: ILikesCheese

4 years ago#54
tim_roast posted...
New Rally-X


Astaroth211 posted...

WHAT ?!?

You people crazy. Or too young. :)
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User Info: aj4x94

4 years ago#55
Fez. Cheap SOB Phil Fish.
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User Info: Fishbulb

4 years ago#56
I liked Undertow. It was basically COD with sea monkeys.

The devs used to jump into games every Wednesday evening - which was pretty cool.

There was a great little community going on until Microsoft gave it away for free and the servers were filled with people who didn't take the time to learn how to play it. The game got significantly worse at that point.
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User Info: dcn2424

4 years ago#57

User Info: Guide

4 years ago#58
Dungeon Defenders would be just dandy if the community and lack of support didn't completely ruin online within the month.
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User Info: Hudson_RL

4 years ago#59
Amy. Literally the worst game I've played. It looked decent from previews, but its usually a sign that its awful if they don't let it be reviewed until after release. The game is unplayable at times :( I've still never completed it.

User Info: elconoM

4 years ago#60
hardwood hearts/spades
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