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share games many said were "bad" but were actually "good"

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User Info: realskillz1990

4 years ago#81
enslaved and resident evil 6 this game getting 3/10 is ridiculous and now opens my eyes on which review sites to avoid
You release your game and it has disc locked content and day 1 dlc I will just buy your game used.

User Info: Banana_Mana

4 years ago#82
BlueJester007 posted...
Alpha Protocol.

So much this...

Such a great game.
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User Info: A_Soggy_Rat

4 years ago#83
Glad to see a few people have said RE6.
Sure it's nowhere near as good as the earlier "pure survival horror" games, and the quicktime events can get annoying sometimes, but the game's not as terrible as most reviewers seem to claim it is.
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User Info: Taikutsuna

4 years ago#84
Modern warfare 3
Two worlds
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User Info: coconutarmy1

4 years ago#85
Billy Hatcher and The giant egg
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User Info: MacBookAir

4 years ago#86
F1 Race Stars

Picked this game up today. This game is awesome! I have no idea why people say its bad.
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User Info: uthoria205

4 years ago#87
hiplock posted...
-The Last Remnant
Put so many hours into that game. For me it was the best jrpg of this gen. Personally I thought it was much better than Xenoblade, FF XIII, or Lost Odyssey. It was good to see a jrpg actually try to do something new and different within a turn-based battle system. Most other people seemed to hate it though. Too bad. I was really hoping for a sequel.


User Info: Pr0t0typeG0d

4 years ago#88
vigorm0rtis posted...
uthoria205 posted...
DarkSymbiote posted...
Who says Lords of Shadow was bad?

The same types of ppl that claim DmC is bad....fanboys of the original series

I hadn't played Castlevania since it was in an arcade, and LoS was the worst game to soil my Xbox in 2010.

On topic, Brutal Legend.

I'm not a fan of LOS, but I wouldn't call it a bad game. Just not my thing.

Brutal Legend is amazing, though. I didn't realize people thought it was "bad."
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User Info: DavCube

4 years ago#89
Bapps44 posted...
ITT: the cancer that is killing gaming

Go back to making your MS Paint Autotuned Youtube videos for the CoD-EA

User Info: Icornian

4 years ago#90
From: darkhare | #011
Icornian posted...
Any of the "Musou Warriors" series including Dynasty, Samurai, Orochi, Legends Of Troy, and even Fist Of The North Star. They get tons of flack for being too simple and repetitive but sometimes that's all I want. Just hacking away at 1000's of enemies with flashy moves is very relaxing after a hard day.

why even bother playing the game, just lay down in bed and push the button on the controller over and over till you drift off to sleep.

Go ahead and do that on Chaos difficulty on an 8 star stage in Dynasty Warriors and tell me how well it works out for you.
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