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share games many said were "bad" but were actually "good"

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User Info: Bloodmoon77

4 years ago#91
FF13. It's f****** gorgeous and relatively challenging.

User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 years ago#92
Pr0t0typeG0d posted...

Brutal Legend is amazing, though. I didn't realize people thought it was "bad."

Yeah. it sold terribly. Brutal Legend 2 is my dream sequel of this gen.
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User Info: invertedlegdrop

4 years ago#93
Gotta say the Mosou games too. I love them to death, and i love that reviewers hate them but they sell over a million each time. I could put 100s of hours into some of them.

I actually considered paying $60 for the new Fist of the North Star one, but i had to have Fire Emblem:Awakening.
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User Info: Carribean_Cool

4 years ago#94
Alpha Protocol for sure. Could you imagine if there was a sequel and it had an import feature? Suck we'll never see a Beta Protocol, Delta Protocol, Gamma Protocol.... it goes on....

Mass Effect 1's mako and combat.
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User Info: Zohar_Metatron

4 years ago#95
bpcarter posted...
Saints Row: The Third - People who played 1 and 2 think it sucks, people new to the series love it

I played the first two and I quite liked 3, actually. I think it's a step back from 2 in terms of content, but that's very different from being bad.


Lords of Shadow: First Castlevania since SotN not to be outright terrible. (To be fair, Lament of Innocence is okay. Curse of Darkness, meanwhile, might be the single worst game ever developed.)

Brutal Legend: It's a bit half-baked in both gameplay styles, but you can do no better for aesthetic and it doesn't play poorly at all. The way the game got treated, both in development and after, is downright criminal, and I say that as someone who very rarely pays attention to the metal genre.

Bionic Commando: I sort of wish they'd either gone with the planned goofier style or had the time to drop some of the sillier plot elements that were supposed to go with it, but it's actually just fine.

Koei's Warriors games: Still fun. A sucker for the settings, though, I'll admit.

Splatterhouse: It sucks so very, very hard we won't get a sequel to this. Technically janky, definitely, not a lot to the combat, but damned if it didn't hit every note it was aiming for. (The ending is a war crime, though, in light of how it's not gettin' a sequel.)

Sonic '06: Okay, so "good" is a stretch, but honestly if they had time to finish the silly thing it would've been at least as good as the Adventures, and certainly better then Heroes.
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User Info: masked_yazoo

4 years ago#96
Records of Agarest War
Idolm@ster 2
Resident Evil 6
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User Info: Garbage_Day

4 years ago#97
bpcarter posted...

Operation Darkness - People complain about the graphics, but it's a SRPG, so graphics don't really matter, and one of the best in that genre on 360

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User Info: Carte360

4 years ago#98
Aliens: Colonial Marines.

So much unwarranted hate.
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User Info: Trugamer

4 years ago#99
All Pro Football 2K8 is a better playing football game than Madden 13 don't believe me get the demo and see for yourself

Also Rise of the Argonauts is my favorite overlooked sleeper this gen , good story with a cool Greek myth theme , interesting characters , good combat and leveling progression

User Info: Socrato

4 years ago#100
Risen & Two Worlds.

Both I & II for each.

I love these games.
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