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2 trilogy of games worth $60

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User Info: zaiwen

4 years ago#1
Mass Effect & Gears of War trilogies both for $60 worth the price? - Results (20 votes)
hell yeah!!! Move yo bum azz & buy it now!!!
65% (13 votes)
as good as it sounds, you can find the same games for cheap...somewhere
20% (4 votes)
just save your $60 for upcoming games
5% (1 votes)
get something else, trust me
10% (2 votes)
i'm not a fan of either game, sorry
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
saw someone selling this online for $60. it includes the ME trilogy, Gears triple pack & Gears 3. cerberus codes & online for ME3 isn't redeemed yet so i guess that's a plus.

for an asking orice of $60, is it a steal? Or let it slide? I'm a fan of both series so it's probably a no brainer for me (although i admit, the sole reason i might get it is for collection's sake). If you were in my shoes would you take the plunge & grab the opportunity to buy both trilogy of excellent games for $60?
GT & PSN: zaiwen3

User Info: mattcorley1212

4 years ago#2
I dont like either seriers but thats 10$ a game. And almost every game is worth 10$
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User Info: HoosierGuy88

4 years ago#3
If I hadn't already played the games, then yes I would definitely buy that.
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