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Just got a system update

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User Info: sanandreas6411

4 years ago#1
anybody else?

User Info: WhiteAngel50

4 years ago#2
I just did. What was it?
Xbox Live GT: WhiteAngel50

User Info: sanandreas6411

4 years ago#3
I have no clue. It seems like s big update. It interrupted my movie :(

User Info: Aadrian1234

4 years ago#4
Yeah so did I. I was just about to play a game, so it didn't interrupt much
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User Info: Timtimmp5

4 years ago#5
Yep same here Just put in the new MGS and BAM. Title update and system update. Come watch!

User Info: RGPanzner

4 years ago#6
I just got this update notice when I closed out of Netflix on my 360. Wish they told us what these updates do beforehand. Granted if we wanna play on XBL don't have much of a choice. But it would be nice to get information on it beforehand.
XBL GT: Hippeus Omega

User Info: gudaman

4 years ago#7
anyone notice a difference in dashboard Version number under system information?
gt: gudaman / PSN: OvaryPuncher9000
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User Info: Szurkulet

4 years ago#8
What a charming prospect - the offer of oral copulation in exchange for pizza. If only the battle of Trafalgar was won in such a fashion. - Matt Berry/Snuff Box

User Info: Solstice_

4 years ago#9
Got booted from Black Ops, update is heavy. 1/8th done only
No, no, the Vagrant Story is not for sale. Now Playing: Black Ops II/Tekken Tag 2/Civilization V/Skyrim/HoMM3

User Info: smexywesky

4 years ago#10
It Kicked me off right when i was getting to the good part of Dr. Who. Dammit...
MarioKartWiiFC: 2106-1622-1228
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