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Have you unlocked more than 3 achievements in a row?

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User Info: nothingbeast

4 years ago#11
The worst instance of this was with Minecraft. I didn't realize the achievements unlocked in the demo would carry over.

As soon as I created my first world I got "You unlocked 13 achievements for 170G"


However, there was a game where I got 3 or 4 achievements simultaneously. One for killing the final boss, one for finishing the game on a certain difficulty, one for getting a certain number of kills with a specific weapon.
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User Info: darkhare

4 years ago#12
glassghost0 posted...
darkhare posted...
its absolutely possible to unlock every single chevo in Limbo in one playthrough.

what? You can't unlock them at the same time though.....

yeah i re-read the topic and realised what was ment.
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User Info: PutHaggarInSF

4 years ago#13
Not including Minecraft, yeah. I think the most was 6 at the end of Dishonored, low profile play through. Marn liiiiike Gamertag: aGeorgeDivided

User Info: link0316

4 years ago#14
I did playing madden once. Cant remember which year.
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User Info: JenniferTate

4 years ago#15
I've had a few "You've unlocked X Achievements" notices. Usually when I play through a game for the first time on Hard, so I get the completion, final level/boss, and all difficulties.
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User Info: Arucard05

4 years ago#16
The very first song I played in Guitar Hero Aerosmith unlocked about 8 Achievements all at once.
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User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
4 years ago#17
One of my secondary profiles that never touched the DLC earned like 5 of the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned achievements when I did a split-screen game with it and my primary profile, which had completed the DLC.

I don't know if this is a known bug, a random fluke, or I unintentionally did something that made them pop from just starting a split-screen game.
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User Info: Renamon

4 years ago#18
Devil May Cry 4, got I think 10 at once for completing the survival mode.
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User Info: zyxomma100

4 years ago#19
I still remember NBA 2K6.

Achievement unlocked : 5 for 1000g.

User Info: rofflchopper

4 years ago#20
I think I got 4 or 5 at once while playing Mercenaries 2.

But it was a glitch or something because some were online achievements and I wasn't even online.
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