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Report: Next Generation Xbox to be Revealed in April

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User Info: XTGhost85

4 years ago#1
Report: Next Generation Xbox to be Revealed in April

The next generation Xbox is expects to be revealed in a special event in April, according to sources speaking with CVG. A number of developers, industry professionals and even Sony employees have said the next Xbox will be unveiled in two months.

This reveal would be one month after GDC and two months before E3 if it turns out to be true. However it is expected that Microsoft will discuss something about future tech at GDC in March.

The PlayStation 4 was revealed in New York City on February 20 which a release date of "Holiday 2013." One senior Sony official said that the PlayStation 4 reveal had "at first caught Microsoft off-guard. We definitely ruffled some feathers."

Microsoft partner Ustechs has registered the domain Ustechs has previously worked with Microsoft to help set up the E3 2012 press
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User Info: LotrMorgoth

4 years ago#2
damn i wish i wasnt such a dork but these announcements give me a rush!

i hope its early april
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User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

4 years ago#3
April makes the most sense here, rumors or not. It's equidistant between the Playstation Meeting and E3.

User Info: abnergoinbig

4 years ago#4
Even though I might not go with xbox again next gen, I'm still excited to see what they have in store.

User Info: link0316

4 years ago#5
Microsoft better get in the game soon.
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User Info: zerooo0

4 years ago#6

Can't wait to see how MS handles this.
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User Info: GGearX

4 years ago#7
Microsoft Now unveils the Next XBOX!

* pulls down curtain *

April fools!
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User Info: scythecam

4 years ago#8
Does sony really think they ruffled feathers? As if ms is somehow mad or disgruntled that sony revealed something everyone knew they were making?
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