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Assume a year or two after the next Xbox they shut down Live for 360.

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  3. Assume a year or two after the next Xbox they shut down Live for 360.
What do you think will happen? For now let's also assume that like PS4, the new Xbox is not backwards compatible and the downloads will not transfer.

Do you think, before the shutdown, they'd release some patch that would allow the live content to be played offline? Discuss.
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User Info: kingwutugu

4 years ago#2
release a disc with all updates and patches as well b/c i couldn't keep my broken physical games, a few can't be beaten without them.
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User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
4 years ago#3
I refuse to make an ass out of U and me.
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User Info: The Devourer

The Devourer
4 years ago#4
I wouldn't be surprised if they ran it off the same architecture and didn't have to shut it down... and I doubt they'd shut it down after a year or two.
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User Info: richdmoore

4 years ago#5
I think it will be like the original xbox, several years down the line, they shut off the service for this console to add a feature to the next console's live service.

Download what you can beforehand for offline play, the servers will be gone. No more game patches either.

Of course, at that point you might as well mod your console, so you can download other people's games, patches, or dlc that you didn't have before the xbox live service stopped.

The only online multiplayer will be using a service (kai?) that fools the xbox into thinking the Internet is a system link game...

Most of us will have moved onto other consoles/cloud gaming by then.

User Info: MK_God

4 years ago#6
Super Creatures posted...
I refuse to make an ass out of U and me.

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User Info: richboy900

4 years ago#7
Yeah but didn't live shut down in 2010 for first xbox. That's like 5 to 6 years after that console was phased out.

User Info: gumbyxcore99

4 years ago#8
anybody who thinks the next xbox cpu wont be based on x86 is an idiot
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User Info: TantrumBull

4 years ago#9
What I hope some companies will do is make a collection disc for dlc and digital only games so they won't be lost forever should ms decide to drop the current xbl for a new version if nothing can be transferred to the new one.
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User Info: AWarAmp84

4 years ago#10
I was pissed when they took the origional Xbox offline. Mainly because I could no longer play my favourite game anymore... see sig.
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  3. Assume a year or two after the next Xbox they shut down Live for 360.

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