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Buy it, Rent it, or F**** it: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

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User Info: horror_spooky

4 years ago#1
+Steep learning curve with the combat system, but very rewarding once mastered
+I ****ing love Wolf
+Political satire in the story gives the plot more substance
+Very interesting characters, even if they aren't as complex as others in the series
+The storyline has really epic moments
+Cut-scenes aren't obnoxiously long like series tradition
+Slicing mechanic is awesome
+Destructible environments leads to pretty cool in-game moments
+Lots of customization and upgrading options for Raiden
+QTEs are not overdone and have interesting results
+Animation is fluid and the graphics are fantastic
+Dialogue is deliciously over the top
-Parrying system is imperfect, yet integral to the combat, leading to some frustration
-Most bosses can be exploited and easily beaten, but the last boss feels super cheap
-Inability to change difficulty after starting the game will irritate those that want a higher challenge once they realize how easy it is to exploit almost all the bosses and deter those that find the game's combat system too hard to master
-Shaking the left analog stick to get out of the "dizzy" state feels bad for the controller
-Only seven levels, and the last three levels feel rushed and short
-Generic level design and environments
-Slow down is common during more hectic battles
-VR missions are not fun
-Raiden's voice. Sometimes he sounds like Batman, sometimes he sounds like a whiny little kid
-Dialogue is mostly good, but there's a lot of hand-holding exposition as well


Rent it

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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#2
Been waiting, horror!

I agree, played it on PS3 cause my brother bought it. Definitely worth playing, but doesn't quite warrant a $60 purchase. Then again, I'm not one of those guys who plays HnS games over and over.
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User Info: all_that_juice

4 years ago#3
Rent unless you're a pedobear.

User Info: bossk5

4 years ago#4
I loathe the Metal Gear Solid series but am loving this game.

Wasn't expecting to
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User Info: SaintSeiya7

4 years ago#5
Hmmm, DmC really warrants a buy and this does not? Interesting eh, maybe I ought to check out your DmC thread as well. Are you a fan of the MG series as much as DMC? regarding your negatives, If I remember correctly, the dizzy function relief (circles on the left joystick IIRC?) is a stable since MGS3, wouldn't really say it damages the controller. Then again, I wouldn't also say VR missions are considered fun for the most part. I remember some being enjoyable while some a waste of time, this is not the case??
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User Info: Nevercomingdown

4 years ago#6
Buy it.

Its a game you'll play more than a couple times like Bayonetta and Ninja gaiden. It's probably the most badass game I've ever played.

I disagree on a few points.. Parrying is perfect, not really any point where I should've parried but it didn't work. The VR missions are fun challenges like Ninja Gaiden's mission mode, not sure what you expected. And Raiden's voice is like that because he's got kind of a split personality going on.
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User Info: Doukou

4 years ago#7
Can't wait to see PS3 board's reaction
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User Info: s0ySauced

4 years ago#8
Rent it
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User Info: velvet_hammer

4 years ago#9
lol no definitely a buy. comparing this to your dmc one is funny.. you love DmCs bosses but hate MGRs? lmao first I heard that even from DmC fans.. and most of your negatives are wrong as parry always works as I have beat revengeance..

also more lolz when you say MGR has slow down ( and you said common lol ) in hectic battles when at all times it runs double the fps as dmc which averages about 24 and MGR around 49s, 50s

anyways like I said before these became laughable once you said buy WWE13 and Zombie U ( yes I have played it )
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User Info: glassghost0

4 years ago#10
What series? This is the 1st game.

It's a spin off of MGS, it's not in the MGS series...
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