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"Xbox 360 For $99"

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User Info: NintendoLogic

4 years ago#11
PutHaggarInSF posted...
^ That. Get the spring bundle. Two decent games and a good size hard drive with no dumb ass contract.

Unfortunately, I can't. I can't afford that amount of cash, and my parents refuse to buy it for me. So as of right now, I am currently at a dead end.

User Info: zmouse

4 years ago#12
A refurbished 20gb orig. xbox is like $100 at gamestop just get the year warranty, if it breaks after the year you can trade it back in(nextbox will probably be out by then) I've had one for almost two years with no problems.

User Info: JanayBerry

4 years ago#13
I am part of this. Looking at the big picture, you'll be spending over $450 for the setup. But looking at other numbers, you might feel the price is, on estimate, the same or cheaper.

- The system was $109.63 after taxes.
- If you're doing Live monthly, it's $9.99. This comes out to $239.76.
- With Best Buy's offer, you'll play an extra $5.00. This is $120.00, but $359.76 at $14.99 a month.

If you did their deal, your total overall is $469.39 once it's all done.

If you bought a system at $274.99plus tax, and bought you Live one month at a time, it would come out to be $514.98 minimum (not sure how much taxes need to be paid).

On a side note, my friend got the setup early last month. He had cancelled two days ago. His bank account that his debit card was linked to (setup during the purchase) was charged $344.77, which was the remaining balance after only paying the $14.99 once in the beginning.

Personally, I am ok with the extra $5 a month, but I feel I should have flat out bought the system in full, without worrying about my name being put on a Creditor's list should I want to cancel AND can't pay the difference in full. Do I regret the purchase? Not at all. Would I have chosen a different route? Yes. Only reason I'm ok is because I keep my subscription Gold anyway. Plus, it pays for itself (with extra) over time.

I also heard that if you cancel and can't pay the difference, your gamertag is also permanently banned. This is what I heard, but have not receieved confirmation.
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User Info: The Devourer

The Devourer
4 years ago#14
Comparing it to paying monthly is ridiculous when you can pick up a year for 60 (5 a month) or if you're patient and smart you can get a year for 40 or less. Which is currently on sale for 35 at Best Buy even..
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User Info: Silent Sniper IV

Silent Sniper IV
4 years ago#15
JanayBerry posted...

- If you're doing Live monthly, it's $9.99. This comes out to $239.76.

I see how you're rationalizing, but 1 year on amazon/ebay/best buy promo is so frequently sold for $30-35 that you're still paying a HUGE amount more in the long run. Paying for live for $9.99 monthly is a really bad idea, and a bad baseline to compare everything to.
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User Info: EvilCactus

4 years ago#16
Compared to buying a console and two years of Live at MSRP up front in cash, there is very little difference in terms of present value. However, if you can afford the cash upfront, you're better off not paying a fixed price for Live. If you can't afford it, it's not a terrible deal as you're essentially paying it as a loan with interest.
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