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Best indie games?

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User Info: Mumble_

4 years ago#1
And what will happen to them once (if) XBL is shut down.

User Info: dankmana

4 years ago#2
pretty easy to way to find out:

download some demos on the marketplace

and, if or when XBL shuts down, you'll still be able to play your purchased games.

you seem worried for no reason :)

User Info: Mumble_

4 years ago#3
^You need to be online to play indie games.

User Info: GinsuVictim

4 years ago#4
dankmana posted...
and, if or when XBL shuts down, you'll still be able to play your purchased games.

you seem worried for no reason :)

Unless they unlock indie games to no longer require online access, NO, they won't be playable.
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User Info: Leotal

4 years ago#5
Baby maker extreme

DLC quest

Undead Empire

These are my favorites, the minecraft clones are not near as good as minecraft IMO
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User Info: Silent Sniper IV

Silent Sniper IV
4 years ago#6
I'm going to copy/paste something I typed out earlier, but I play all my indie titles on PC, so no clue which of these are on Xbox. I apologize for that but I'm lazy and just going to c/p. Should any of them happen to catch your eye, chances are you can play it on pc anyway, because, indie games. I'll bold the ones I know are on 360.

Dungeons of Dredmore: This is the roguelike for people who don't like roguelikes. It's so much fun, and you can play it however you like (permadeath or no, pick difficulty, etc). It has like 200 steam achievements, and constantly updates with new classes and user content from workshop. You pick 6 skillsets at game start, and they're usually pretty funny. Like "bankster" "communist" "Not drizzt" "vampire (with an ultimate attack of glitter and sparkles)"mathemagic" and berserker, where every skill description is just, "ARRRGHGHGH" Everyone should play this and it's cheap on steam with free content upgrades. If you wait till christmas sale you can probably get the game for under $2, but it's only $5 now anyway.

Breath of death/cthulu saves the world: Short classic rpgs that get rid of minor annoyances from your gaming past (ie- only X random encounters per dungeon before you can turn them off.) A lot of fun if you like oldschool dragon quest/FF style. Pretty humorous.

Blackwell series: Finally surpassed monkey island as my favorite adventure series. It's very well done. Another "wait till sale and snag it for $2" kind of thing. Very likeable characters, mixes humor and serious emotion very well, nice soundtrack.

Gemini rue: The best cyberpunk adventure game you'll ever play, from the makers of blackwell

Killing floor: Maybe not "indie", but not well known and probably the game I've gotten the most value out of, ever. Regularly sells for $5 on sale

Audiosurf: uses your mp3s to generate tracks to play on. Its fun and relaxing. Usually $1 during holiday sales

Cave story +: You've probably played it, but it's a fun and well done low budget title. Platformer style with good music and lots of neat weapons and areas to explore

FTL: FANTASTIC and unique. Sort of a roguelike with spaceship upgrade elements and more hands on micromanagement

Orcs must die 2: really fun co-op tower defense/third person shooter. Usually hits $5

Penny arcade trilogy: adventure/rpg for people who find penny arcade funny. 1 and 2 are adventure with rpg elements, 3 is a pure rpg from the makers of cthulu saves the world

Terrarria: 2d minecraft with some really fun metroidvania style mods, and an amazing dark souls inspired mod called red cloud. $2 during sales

Dungeon defenders: I didnt really like it, but some people do. 4 player co-op action/tower defense with class system

To the moon: Oh my god so sad :(

Dear Esther: very atmospheric experience, somewhat creepy, and definitely interesting. I'll also include "trauma" as the two games are alike. Gameplay isnt really a thing with these, its more interactive movie

Avadon black fortress/Avernum: old school isometric rpgs. fun, but very dated

Legend of grimrock: First person classic rpg dungeon crawl

Super meat boy: a really fun but challenging platformer

Binding of issac: I think this is one of the worst games I've ever played in my life but everyone I know *loves* it.

Minecraft: Is minecraft

Mark of the ninja: Lots of fun, 2d stealth/action

Insanely twisted shadow planet: Didn't care for it. Metroidvania

Shadow complex: another metroidvania, I liked it.

Toy soldiers: 3rd person tower defense, I liked it.

Deadlight: really great visuals and atmosphere, 2d platfromer

Trenched: yet another 3d tower defense
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User Info: Mumble_

4 years ago#7
The Breath of Death and Cthulu games are great. I love games with simple humor like that.
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