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how do I get better at MP in general.

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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#11
COKE2 posted...
Well lets see Crysis 3 is the most recent one. Battlefields another. and yeah COD too. I'm just...bad...I dont think its TV lag.

Do you play Halo? I'm down to help a brotha out.
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User Info: jorgestevenson

4 years ago#12
I think a lot of players who suck make the mistake of thinking they have to be on the front lines of the battle, constantly engaging enemies, etc.

You can look at the result of a team deathmatch 2 different ways -

(a) the winning team killed the most enemies
(b) the winning team died the least amount of times

In summary, you can either help your team by getting more kills or help your team by not dying so much. So, if you suck at killing, why not focus on the not dying part?

Find areas of the map that you know you can defend reasonably well. Prepare yourself so that you have the advantage in equipment or tactics even if you don't have the advantage in skill - get a gun that is appropriate to the area of the map you've chosen, get powerups that will help you in the situation you've chosen, etc. Finally, if it's a game like Halo where it takes a reasonable number of shots to kill someone, always keep yourself near an escape route. If you engage the enemy and you sense that he has the advantage, run to your escape route and either (a) regroup (recharge your shields/health, reload your weapon, etc., or (b) decide that the fight cannot be won and escape to a safer area of the map (usually the area where your team is spawning).

Once you've mastered not dying, you'll be better able to recognize bad situations that your enemies have put themselves in. Sprinting right along the main road? Get the easy kill. Running in the middle of the open with shields down? Get the easy kill.

User Info: MK_God

4 years ago#13
I always scored about 3-4 extra kills on one guy when I used to play call of duty. Get in one spot, prone, kill the guy, then just run to another spot around your original spot. Mindless sheep always run to the spot thinking your camping that original spot and you'll rack in some easy kills.

And in BF3..well you really just gotta keep moving and you'll usually know where an enemy is at. (conquest player) and for death match..its basically a boring kill-fest. hit your target more and try not to miss.

These are just 2 of the more popular shooters...

This is just my advice, my take on the matter...Do whatever the F*** you wanna do!
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User Info: stargazer1981

4 years ago#14
SunDevil77 posted...
COKE2 posted...
Well lets see Crysis 3 is the most recent one. Battlefields another. and yeah COD too. I'm just...bad...I dont think its TV lag.

Do you play Halo? I'm down to help a brotha out.

I think it's high time we played some Halo 4 together, SunDevil. My GT is Petey Venkman.
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User Info: glassghost0

4 years ago#15
Several things determine your skill level. CoD is my forte so that's where I'm coming from.

1. You need to know how to play the game. If you can't play smoothly than you need to practice, most likely a lot. No stiff movements. This will sound stupid but you need to be one with the controller. You have to be able to control your player and the camera at the same time. I know this seems basic but it really is serious.

2. Reflexes. You need to learn when to do something. Know when to reload, when to aim, when to move, when to take cover.

3. Radar. I can tell when I'm in a match who doesn't pay any attention to their surroundings or radar. Watch your radar and be able to still play while reading it. Watch what's going on around you. Pay attention to where your teammate died so that you can tell if you're being flanked or not. Do this and you should generally always have an idea of where the entire enemy team is.

4.Learn the maps. Know the flank routes. Know the main action zones but also know where the flankers like to go or where the campers like to hide.

These are just some basics to get you started

User Info: CaIiber345

4 years ago#16
Train hard, eat your vitamins, and say your prayers, little Hulkster!

I kid, I kid. There's sound advice in this topic.

Think tactical. No, this isn't real combat, but certain rules apply. Recognize cover and concealment. Use the terrain to your advantage. Flank whenever possible. Don't hesitate..if its hositle, shoot it! lol. Mind your corners! "Slice the pie" when you move past a doorway or away from a corner. And use that minimap.

And like someone else posted, exploit your little area if you're hanging around it. Don't sit still, but don't stray too far. Kill an enemy, relocate to another spot, kill, rinse, repeat. And support the team. In CoD, I'd always have one or two classes set up with an RPG to take down choppers. My team is running around and getting mowed down, or hiding in buildings and getting knifed, and I'm the only one taking out the damn deathbirds.
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User Info: Nevercomingdown

4 years ago#17
Do what the guys that kill you/that you have a hard time killing are doing.
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