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Will 360s go extinct?

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User Info: Mike 716

Mike 716
4 years ago#1
Honestly, not even trolling, it's a serious question. There's working Ataris and NESs today, because they had such simpler hardware therefore less things that could go wrong, but it seems like a 360 can't make it past the 3-5 year mark... I've gone through 3 already, my 4th is currently dying. First one lasted less than a year, refurb was dead out of the box, next refurb worked extremely poorly before dying after a week.

I have a feeling they'll be scarce about 5 years after they cease production, and prices for used consoles will go up.

User Info: GorillaInTub

4 years ago#2
Look, prices are at an ALL TIME low, by the end of the fiscal year, gems will be the hot commodity, ESPECIALLY........... ESPECIALLY DURING THE HOLIDAY
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User Info: Guide

4 years ago#3
I'll probably buy a couple for experimentation, once they're really cheap. I've had the same box since 07, now, just needs a good dusting now and then.
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User Info: JoboHotep

4 years ago#4
I imagine that <eventually> it will be more and more difficult to find them.

However, with as many consoles being currently produced as there are, I think it'll take longer than five years for them to begin being difficult to find or expensive.
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User Info: Sipher360

4 years ago#5
Well, much like the Dreamcast by the time games and reliable 360 consoles become hard to find proper pc emulation will ensure that we can enjoy 360 games regardless...
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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
4 years ago#6
I'll do what I did with the first xbox.

buy a brand new one right at the end of its life, make sure it works, and put it away.

figure thats my best chance of having a working one down the line, and my old ones still work today.

seems like they live forever after they "retire" almost like there is no reason to enable the killswitch.
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