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You can have any game ever made on your 360...

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4 years ago#21
Timesplitters Trilogy HD collection. Loved the map maker

User Info: Madness2012

4 years ago#22
Super dodge ball and no i'm not kidding,i loved and i mean loved that game back in the day....

User Info: nothingbeast

4 years ago#23
Mutant League Sports.

I'd normally put "hockey" in place of "sports" but I don't want to sound limiting. I'll buy any sport you can come up with as long as it had "Mutant League" in front of it.
~I was stomping goombas and saving princesses long before most of you were born.

User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#24 was done already (X-Com: Enemy Unknown)...So I guess my other would be the original Metal's really the only one I ever liked.
She's an endless war, she's a hero for the lost cause,Like a hurricane in the heart of the devastation

User Info: Jarl_Ulfric_S

4 years ago#25
breath of fire 3

User Info: defjamz26

4 years ago#26
bossk5 posted...
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Not changing sig untill Samoa Joe comes to WWE. Started 1/15/12
Indianapolis Colts-Team Luck

User Info: CaIiber345

4 years ago#27
Some awesome games in here I didnt even think about.
I only go to Solstheim to get things done. Manly things. Like ripping Netches apart with my bare hands, or pummeling snide Dark Elves into Flin.

User Info: Jhardy12121

4 years ago#28
Digimon World 1/3 with updated graphics. Subscribe and rate

User Info: WhiteBaitKent

4 years ago#29
Anyone remember The Sword of Etheria (Oz)? That'd be a cool game to have on 360 with online/local co op/vs. Breakdown and Wild Guns with updated visuals also.
Can't spell ignorant without "IGN"!!!

User Info: TwistedxL3G3ND

4 years ago#30
defjamz26 posted...
bossk5 posted...
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Hey guise look at my PC specs I'm sure you all care!
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