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Fighting Game Help...

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User Info: TheSnypahvol2

4 years ago#11
SunDevil77 posted...
You better promise me you'll be picking up the physical copy of MK:KE, TC. Ill be watching.

Yeah I plan on it. 16 bucks on Amazon sounds good to me. These games plus Darkstalkers Resurrection coming soon should keep me busy on fighting games for a while. Haha

User Info: MR_Soren

4 years ago#12
SSF4AE is the game to get if you want a good game and an active community. I prefer KoF XIII and the ArcSys games like BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena, but you will find more people to play with and at a wider variety of skill levels if you buy Street Fighter.
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User Info: JanayBerry

4 years ago#13
You'll be amazed and impressed by how ridiculously smooth King of Fighters play. Not to mention it's pretty to look at, too.

Mortal Kombat, while $20, is still the expensive of them all if you want all the characters (another $20 for all four total being 400 MP each). Good game, nevertheless.

Street Fighter is Street Fighter. I'm such a sore loser in the online part of that game lol... Well, actually, I'm the type who like to fight and get it over with. I get beat by cheap moves (my opponent block, block, block, Super Move lol).

Overall, I bought them in the order of King of Fighters, Tekken Tag, Mortal Kombat, Super Street Fighter.

Chose MK third because I played a lot on PS3, and really just got it just to have it.
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User Info: Robin_Mask

4 years ago#14
Both should be cheap by now, try whichever has a better roster in your opinion.

However, been hearing that KOFXIII is the best 2D fighter right now. Just that the community and online is barely alive but better than Blazblue's.
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