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Is XBL freaking out on anyone else atm?

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User Info: maoriwarrior

4 years ago#11
NoSequelForYou posted...
maoriwarrior posted...
NoSequelForYou posted...
Yeah follow this link:

It is from the topic I previously linked to. The same thing happened to me and a friend. After doing what the link suggested it fixed the issue. It kept telling me that I either had no gold which I did, or no pass which I did as well. Every time I re-downloaded the pass it would work but some of the DLC stopped working for me.

After browsing around I found that fix which sorted it. I think part of the DLC actually includes the online pass, as well as a code coming in the box. Now I had already used a pass when the game first released. So that was causing conflicts with SRTT:TFP content.

Do I have to keep the memory stick inside my 360 at all times?

Aye. Well only when you play SRTT at any rate. Once you are done with it you can take it out. Just remember to place it back in before booting the game up. Unfortunately this is the only fix I've been able to find, and since THQ went bye-bye I will guess nothing substantial will come out to solve it.

Although another option - which I haven't tested yet - might be to delete any online pass related to the game under storage, then try reinstalling just the DLC and see if that lets you play.

How do you delete online pass data?
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User Info: BrutalBrocken

4 years ago#12
I havent had a problem with Saints Row 3rd, but i did have Xbox trying to chargew me over $83 million in microsoft points for a 800 point game
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User Info: NoSequelForYou

4 years ago#13
To find your pass you need to navigate to the following location on your Xbox 360 dashboard: settings>system>storage>hard drive>games and apps>saints row: the third.

I had to delete mine to get the USB work around to work. If yours is already gone then my assumption about it working without one is void and you will need to also do the USB work around.
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