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Poll: Which RPG do you prefer - Dark Souls or Skyrim?

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User Info: Lord_TenseEye

4 years ago#31
Dante729 posted...
One can only wonder how many people have voted for one without playing the other.

An uninformed opinion is an opinion nonetheless, I suppose.

That's a good point too. Now the reason I made this poll was just to see how the 360 players feel regarding these two games.

The ps3 board voted in favour of dark souls by a landslide. A few reasons for that:

1) Skyrim runs better on the 360. The obvious problems that delayed the dlc for so long also sways people towards dark souls.

2) Dark Souls is a successor to Demon Souls (a famous ps3 exclusive).

3) There's quite a few dark souls fanboys on the ps3 board. They consider skyrim a garbage game that one should get payed to play instead of paying to play it (the cost of the game).

I've closed the poll and you can see the results above.

Obviously it's nothing conclusive because some people may not have played either but may have still voted. The same would apply to the poll on the ps3 board made by another poster.

That poll is sitting at 63.2% for dark souls vs 36.8% for skyrim from 394 votes. I think it's also closed.

User Info: -Damien-

4 years ago#32
this poll shows that PS3 players have better taste than 360 players

User Info: Geist

4 years ago#33
-Damien- posted...
this poll shows that PS3 players have better taste than 360 players

This post shows Damien has yet to learn how to deal with opinions.
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User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#34
CaseyJonez posted...
scoobydoobydont posted...
Fast travel is one of the best things ever. Morrowind is unplayable without mods.


Almsivi Intervention
Divine Intervention
Stilt Striders
Smaller Boats

You can get to almost any location in the game within five minutes using the fast travel system in Morrowind; the difference is Morrowind doesn't hold your hand from the get go.

I voted for Dark Souls.

You and I could be friends. I think what Scooby meant to say was that Oblivion and Skyrim are unplayable with out fast travel. Really, I tried. I lugged a full inventory all around Skyrim looking for a town in which I could break down my enchanted items, but after an hour or two of wandering from town to town and finding no enchanting tables in any of them, I realised this game wasn't made for people like me. It was made for people that run into a dungeon, get as close to encumbered as they can, click on Whitehall, trade their gear, and then magically fly to their next destination.

And have you ever tried doing a quest by turning off all markers? remember when Morowind would guide you through dialogues with towns folk or by directing you with signposts? Yeah, you don't get that in Skyrim.
I spent ages looking for some dead girls body in and around town, only to find that if I turn on my magic, quest seeking GPS that it points out her body lying on the bed of a lake in seconds.
Thanks for taking the time to guide me organically Bethseda. Guess that would have been far too much work on your part.
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User Info: CalgaryMaverick

4 years ago#35
I'd have to go with Skyrim.
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