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What in your opinion was the most IMPROVED sequel of all-time???

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  3. What in your opinion was the most IMPROVED sequel of all-time???

User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#211
Dark Cloud 2

User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#212
Rayman Origins

User Info: KLOUDrocks

4 years ago#213
GENERALJA0 posted...
The people saying assassins creed 2 is better then the first got to be crazy. I played the first one all the way through several times.

The second game about half way through I just stopped playing just didn't have the same epic feel the first one had....

You're definitely in the minority on this one. The two most popular games in the series are 2 and Brotherhood according to most people I speak to...both in person and online.

User Info: fiasco86

4 years ago#214
BBBanks03 posted...
fiasco86 posted...
To those saying Halo 2: name one thing Halo 2 did better than Halo CE and I will either

A. Explain why it wasn't, in fact, done better OR
B. Name two things it did worse.

I do in fact technically agree, and do tend to view Halo 2 as more of a step back in every way. Though I will say playing on Live, and really inventing the XBL community and being able to get a multiplayer match at any time is something the original can't match no matter how you slice it.

Aside from that, I agree. I think the original did everything else better in every way.

Yes, Halo 2 can be credited (pretty much exclusively) for the success of XBL, but that's hardly a fair comparison to draw as Halo CE came out 2 years before XBL was online.
Halo 1 LAN vid:

User Info: rdking96

4 years ago#215
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin takes a good initial formula and turns it into one of my favorite games of all time. It rivals modern-gen games like dishonored and deus ex for choice and mission approach.
"There won't be any money...but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness...So I got that goin' for me - which is nice."

User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#216
Red Dead Redemption
Its actually the sequel to the game, Red Dead Revolver.

User Info: Lethalbutters

4 years ago#217
From assassins creed 1 to Assassins Creed 2

From Timesplitters 1 to Timesplitters : Future Perfect

From Dragonball Z Budokai to Budokai 3

From Jak and Daxter to Jack and Daxter 2 to Jak 3
It won't budge.
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  3. What in your opinion was the most IMPROVED sequel of all-time???

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