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New TMNT game....

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User Info: deeringer007

4 years ago#41
i forgot about adding rat king as bosses. i want to have them to make very good casts as bosses. 8 from Nick in first season. Not getting dumb bosses from episodes 1, 2, 3.

User Info: SSJGrimReaper

4 years ago#42
From: deeringer007 | #038
I hope they will add Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang as bosses from Nick's new TMNT in this game. I hope that all of the bosses from Nick are in game (dogpound, fishface, Leatherhead, Karai, Shredder, Baxter Stockman, Metalhead)

I doubt they'll use Bebop and Rocksteady, that's basically what Dogpound and Fishface are there for.
Big Apple, 3 A.M.

User Info: deeringer007

4 years ago#43
ok. If they make based on Nick's CGI only, I want to make 8 VERY good casts as bosses, then I will buy this game.

User Info: JackBurton85

4 years ago#44
deeringer007 posted...
I need you to know that I raised as deaf. I am 38 years old and I live in USA. I am trying to get practice with the English Language. I used with American Sign Language a lot. Be patience. Thank you. That's why I love to play the video games a lot.

I love to play
TMNT games
FPS games (Halo and Call of Duty series only)
TPS games (Gear of Wars series only)
fighting games (Street Fighter, Tekken, and Marvel vs Capcom only)
and many games from arcade games

That's all my favorite games as far in 360 only.

What does being deaf have to do with poor grammar? This is clearly a troll/joke topic.

That said, i agree 100% that it's profoundly stupid to not allow 4 player offline co-op. Some people actually still do have friends in real life, ones they like to spend time with hanging out in the same room too.

User Info: deeringer007

4 years ago#45
My teachers didn't teach English as well. I tried to apply to go to college, but i don't like my old Vocational Rehab to make my mess plans. I want to go neither Gallaudet University or in Rochester, NY to learn as better Grammar in English classes. But I will wait later until my kids to get older first.

User Info: deeringer007

4 years ago#46
Yeah, that's what I wanted to get offline co op and offline 4 player deathmatch with bots only games. I have all of the games are with offline co op/ deathmatches (both old games and new games). Because my internet is not good and 360's online will be cut off soon about a year or 2 years after x box 720 was released. They can still using online games until they cut off. I keep all of my games forever with offline modes. I WON'T buy any games that are with online ONLY with no bots or no offline co op to get bored as quickly

User Info: seankimberley42

4 years ago#47
Winternova posted...
seankimberley42 posted...
Winternova posted...
seankimberley42 posted...
HeLeeham posted...
Did any of you consider that maybe the TC's first language isn't English or maybe he/she has dyslexia? But no no, you go ahead and be ass hats.

Welcome to Gamefaqs, the INFORMAL gaming forum where what you write better be approved by an English professor AND a first class editor or it's meaningless and made fun of.

I'm available to hire. ;-)

Not a law professor, I don't need to know how to lie, cheat, or pad my billable hours. :-)

My mother's a tech writer. She drilled the whole English thing into my head at a young age. If you think I'm ruthless about grammar, you should hear her!

Coincidentally, I'm a writer as well, I just treat this site like the water cooler at work; an informal gathering place for like minded people to discuss what they like. If I can understand them I'm not going to point out the flaws in their post. If you start acting like an idiot while abusing the English language, though, then of course you deserve to be made fun of. This guy wasn't like that and his posts, while mangled, are still easily decipherable.
Twilight is like Soccer: 2 hours of people running around, no one scoring and millions of fans telling me I don't get it. - Maliice

User Info: Lords0fWar

4 years ago#48
i love the turtles too it is 1 of the few things my mum lets me watch on tv be cause she says all the media is a lie and stuff

User Info: deeringer007

4 years ago#49
LordofWar, I am glad that you love TMNT. My most favorite TMNT are from 1987 and 2012 generations and a bit in 2003.
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