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Yo, where's the hype for GEARS OF WAR: JUDGEMENT

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User Info: melvin343

4 years ago#21
I have been following Judgment from gamesites to gamesites and from the looks of it, this is nothing getting over exicted and this is why, no DBNO, [down but not out] most of Epic team left including Cliff B. this is a prequel, and I will wait for the reviews what they say about this but this game is not worth $60 for what this game is. The only thing I like so far is Free-for-all, and Overdrive so I may just rent Judgment from gamefly. The same thing could be said to God of War: Ascension, even Sony fans are not hype for that game but for me I'm burned out from both of these games as it is and Gears of War 3 is were it's at for me since I play it from time to time.
Whats even funny is that Epic is offering a Season Pass just for double XP boost for multiplayer, six multiplayer maps, two new game modes, and nine "exclusive" unlocks, and early access to multiplayer maps and also five weapon skins and four armor skins.
Sorry but this is just a cash n grab from MS.
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User Info: SirLemont

4 years ago#22
I'll be getting this game, but I have a lot of reservations about it. There are too many changes, and all this stuff they're promoting sounds like they're trying to push this game out. It'll sell just because its a Gears game, but I doubt it'll push Gears 3 numbers.
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  3. Yo, where's the hype for GEARS OF WAR: JUDGEMENT

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