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Which Xbox 360 do you use?

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User Info: Yorkshire_14

4 years ago#1
Which Xbox 360 do you use? - Results (29 votes)
Original white Xbox 360
41.38% (12 votes)
Xbox 360 Elite
17.24% (5 votes)
Xbox 360 Slim
41.38% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I use the old white Xbox but it's nearly broken :(
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User Info: ZDT_Leader

4 years ago#2
3 of my old 360's broke so I bought a slim.

Never looked back
Gamertag: Zerochronic
R.I.P Mom..Aug 30th, 2007

User Info: Donomega

4 years ago#3
I've got a Slim
Intell 8088 @ 7.14Mhz | 604K RAM | TCGA 16 Color graphics | TWO 5.25" 640K Floppy drives | 10MB Hard disk
3DS FC: 0903-4184-6816

User Info: Juvart24

4 years ago#4
White Jasper 360.
"A true hero turns into a werewolf, kills a village full of idiots, then pimps their women out for profit to buy new armor" - Exar0s
GT: Juvart24
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