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Inverters get in here!

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User Info: Nemorian

4 years ago#31
It just feels... right to me, not sure why. It's the only way I can play games anymore though. Whenever I try to play something that doesn't have the Y inverted, anyone watching would probably get the impression I've never played a video game in my life.

User Info: Garbage_Day

4 years ago#32
I always invert the Y-axis no matter what.
I used to invert the X-axis as well but, somewhere along the line, that changed. I don't know why.
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User Info: Drophyd167b

4 years ago#33
I accidentally switched to inverted when playing Mass Effect once and somehow went a whole play through without realising. Ever since, normal controls have felt unnatural to me.
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User Info: combatcm1

4 years ago#34
I don't think inverted players see the stick as up and down.

I see it as forward and back

User Info: superbowl54

4 years ago#35
bigphil2003 posted...
Because in my day it was the default and I got used to it. Also it just makes more sense logically


It was the default setting back in the day when I poured countless hours into Goldeneye and Perfect Dark on N64, and it's stick with me every since.
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User Info: jonesato

4 years ago#36
I play inverted as well. Probably due to games like wing commander. The walking dead game was difficult for me since I couldnt invert.

User Info: Res5

4 years ago#37
I invert in weird ways. If it's a shooter I have to play inverted Y and normal X. If it's an action camera I need both inverted.

.............Although Tomb Raider practically forced me to do my shooter controls at all times because of it's constant need to switch back and forth between shooting and action cameras so I started using that setup for other games too recently but usually stuff like that doesn't stick. the next best thing

User Info: SoaringDive

4 years ago#38
In first person, I never invert. In third person, I always invert.
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User Info: Xx_King_Beef_xX

4 years ago#39
The original Red Faction on PS2 was the first game that I played that had the modern dual analog stick controls and the default control scheme was inverted in that. Since then I have always used inverted controls because that's what I started out with and what I'm comfortable with.
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User Info: skiguy1981

4 years ago#40
nothingbeast posted...
I play inverted and don't understand the people who say "it's not natural".


Put your left thumb on top of your head.

Now look up.

Now look down.

Ah ha.

If you play with regular controls, that's fine... but it's actually more "natural" to be inverted.

Very true I also don't understand why "normal" players rip on the inverts... Wtf
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