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Best gaming headset?

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User Info: IvanKozlov

4 years ago#21
CaPwnD posted...
From: Robot_Soopa | #017
CaPwnD posted...
It's stupid to spend money on good sound?

Perhaps when your ears grow up the rest of your head will understand.

Waste of money. Especially when if you're really that kind of tool you could just use it towards an actual sound system rather than a dinky ass headset.

lol. You really don't know do you. Not really sure why you would assume somebody would use a headset because they don't have a nice home system.

First of all, you're talking about two completely different things. If you game online and use a mic with a loud sound system, you are a doucehbag to those on your team with your constant game sound coming from the mic. But perhaps you don't have it that loud... fair enough.

It's still a as good as or a better immersive experience to have a good headset for gaming then it is to use surround sound, and it doesn't doesn't disturb your family.

Lastly, you're the one with a dinky ass headset. Given the bandwidth and quality of the audio in gaming, the headset I use is like pillows of sound around my head. Anything more than that won't benefit from game audio, at least not on the 360.

You just got CaPWND!

God, that was corny...
A Lannister always pays his debts.
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