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Overlooked Xbox 360 games?

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User Info: LuckNotDoWithIt

4 years ago#41
I'd trade Lionhead away for Platinum Games any day of the week, month or decade.

Too bad they wouldn't even take 'em, since Platinum would never want to be a first party developer though.

User Info: MATT007

4 years ago#42
rttn posted...
The saboteur completely took me by surprise. I really liked it all around. The story was decent, the wall climbing is really fun, and screwing around with nazis in disguise and explosions is a blast.

As for EDF. I would have to agree with 2017 first, because you are offered so much more in IA. It's like going from gta:SA to gta3. I recommend playing both at some point though

To add another: Anarchy Reigns. Recently released and is only 20/30$. Great game...also by our beloved Platinum who brought Vanquish & Bayonetta

I've been interested in Anarchy Reigns but was wondering if I should play MadWorld for Wii first.

I'm now convinced I have to get The Saboteur.
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User Info: rttn

4 years ago#43
You don't need to play mad world to understand anarchy reigns. Im sure you'll have more insight, but it isn't needed
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User Info: videogameking33

4 years ago#44
Spec Ops: The Line
Sleeping Dogs
Sniper Elite V2
Bully: Scholarship Edition
The Darkness
Dark Sector
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User Info: LuckNotDoWithIt

4 years ago#45
Hell, sell the Wii. Mad World is just a one day game, there's nothing amazing about it and Anarchy Reigns is just light years better.

User Info: SkylerSkydive

4 years ago#46
One overlooked game is Nier.
The gameplay isn't revolutionary or anything but
the story/characters are well done and the music is beyond beautiful.

User Info: velvet_hammer

4 years ago#47

How so many overlooked its terrible gameplay and animations from 1999 is astonishing
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User Info: Chosen_one_41

4 years ago#48
MATT007 posted...
I've been looking into all the HD collections released suddenly. Hitman HD Trilogy, ZoE HD Collection, MGS HD Collection, I would have gotten the Silent Hill HD Collection but I hear there are serious issues with the Xbox 360 version and once I am done with all of these Xbox 360 games in about a year or two I'll get a PS3 and play out that console.

Owning all three of those HD collections I can definitely say that they are worth it. More so if you have never played the games on them. I already owned all the hitman games so I never got around to playing much of that one. Seriously though, Hitman: Contracts and Zone of Enders: the 2nd runner are easily in my top 5 games ever.

velvet_hammer posted...

How so many overlooked its terrible gameplay and animations from 1999 is astonishing

Skyrim is an overlooked game? And it's good becuase of it's "terrible gameplay"? Are you drunk or something, you're not making a whole lot of sense.
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User Info: DeltronFF

4 years ago#49
Beautiful Katamari
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User Info: metaldiggle2

4 years ago#50
I thought Brutal Legend was pretty good.
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