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2013: Year of the Worst entries of big name series

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User Info: Supernautus

4 years ago#31
Jukain posted...
Who cares about metacritic? Seriously?

I assume you're showing some disdain for people not caring about metacritic, I don't care for a slew of reviews paid for by an industry which hold reviewers to ransom if they don't give them a good review. Personally, I decide which games I want by looking at trailers and gameplay videos and deciding if I like the concept or the style of game. I follow the only opinion that counts, mine.

As for developers who take risks, I'd hardly call Naughty Dog a risk taker, the third uncharted is generally looked upon as the worst in the series, and in my opinion that's about right. ND releases comprise mainly of sequels (Jak and Daxter series, Crash games, Uncharted series), aside from The Last of Us so I'd hardly call them innovative.

User Info: Splice_

4 years ago#32
LuckNotDoWithIt posted...
Tomb Raider threw out puzzles and changed too many things, so to one million people, it's the worst entry by far. By far and away.

Having played demos of State of Decay, exclusives like Mad Max and Torchlight HD as well as Uncharted.....Tomb Raider is a rehashed, bland, generic puddle of muss.

Who is this one million people? Or does your opinion count for one million people?

User Info: Geist

4 years ago#33
Same old depressed gamer trying to ruin everyone elses time topic, how dull.
Currently playing: Skyrim

User Info: MeChCommandKeno

4 years ago#34
Holy freaking crap, there's been so many sequels to God of War, Assassins Creed, Batman, Uncharted and Infamous now that it's driven me insane! Original Tomb Raider was better that had the horse riding outdoors, then they canned the whole game. Even Need for Speed has gone into rehash mode, with no new Midnight Club ever released.

Original games like Sleeping Dogs seem to be all but dead. What gamers want is Legacy of Kain and more Sleeping Dogs, New IP now! New IP now!

NO MORE FRIGGING SEQUELS. 'Specially after I played xbox live arcade....there's some awesome new games equal to chrono cross on that mofo easily..
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