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Is 70 dollars a reasonable price for AAA games next Gen?

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User Info: detbasketball13

4 years ago#1

my thoughts....

Hell no, I already don't like that games are 60 plus and most of the time content is being excluded through dlc and separated through pre order bonuses at different vendors. 70

Top replies to why 60 bucks is fine and anymore is okay?
and also (my replies)

1. I like playing games day 1 (Why when day 1 is most likely when a game is the most expensive and probably the most buggy.

2. Its about the experience not the price (Well most of the time the experience is not complete nowadays with single player content and story dlc being added months down the line, so your 60 dollar or more game you bought and beat in a month, being generous right here since games can probably be beaten in days or even one or two sittings, is just a empty shell of the complete experience )

User Info: CaIiber345

4 years ago#2
If im going to get a 5 hour campaign, no.
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User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#3
oh...this topic...again.
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User Info: -NinjaWarroir-

4 years ago#4
>implying games wont drop to 40 or less after 2 weeks
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User Info: SpaceAssassin

4 years ago#5
-NinjaWarroir- posted...
>implying games wont drop to 40 or less after 2 weeks

Of course the price will drop, but that's not what the TC is asking.
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User Info: Res5

4 years ago#6
I'd like to point out, TC, that your first point about the game being most buggy on day one is usually not true. Most developers do put out complete games with no major bugs in it, contrary to what Gamefaqs might have you believe, and almost never need a patch. How many games have you played, day 1 or otherwise, that ever needed a patch higher than 1.01? The version numbers are usually a sign of what was added. 1.01 means they tweaked something. 1.10 means they probably added a feature or fixed a BIG bug. I don't think I've ever seen a game go higher than 1.x though. Most games don't need more than this little bit of tweaking because developers use entirely different hardware and software to make and test their own games than actual consoles so they can't know everything that might go wrong but regardless of that most games just don't have issues big enough that the "buggy on release day" has any real weight to it unless you just happen to find all of the worst games that have the worst bugs. the next best thing

User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#7
They can charge whatever they like. I'll jut stick to doing what I've done this gen and grab them for cheap after a few months.

Full price for a 360 game in Australia is $100 to $120. Most stores are now smart enough to sell them for around $80 on day one now seeing as they were losing out to online stores, but I've never come close to paying that.

The last game I bought day one was MGR LE, and I found it for $50 and knocked another $10 off with a voucher.
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User Info: somebody336

4 years ago#8
Maybe. I sure as h*ll am not buying it at that price though.

User Info: Halo_Forever

4 years ago#9
I wish that they were $70 over here. I'd get a nice €15 discount from them then.

Crysis 3 cost around $90 where I bought it.
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User Info: dcn2424

4 years ago#10
Thirty dollars is a reasonable price for a Triple A game.
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