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Midwest Gamefly users rejoice - New Shipping Center

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User Info: jaymart_2k

4 years ago#1
Just got a email saying a new shipping center has opened in Kansas.

I use to have Gamefly but do to the long shipping days to receive games(5-7) in Illinois I canceled.

Tip - log in to gamefly. Goto membership area, exit out. Wait for a day to receive $1 restart 2 game plan email.
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#2
Just about 5 miles from my house ^^ I think I'm gonna just cruise on up there to pick up my games from now on!!
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User Info: Trugamer

4 years ago#3
I managed to hang in there with the week long turn around for a couple of years until they got one here in the NW .
The 3 day turn around now is real nice.
Used game prices right now are amazing at Gamefly if you get signed up you need to check it out.
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  3. Midwest Gamefly users rejoice - New Shipping Center

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