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After Dark/Demon's Souls, video games are boring

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User Info: Banana_Mana

4 years ago#91
Deathx113 posted...
Res5 posted...
And like I mentioned, it's a workaround, not an actual pause feature. It takes longer than it should. Should you honestly have to quit the game just to not die? Then wait for the game to load back up? Since when is that even remotely a good choice at all?

My point is that no matter how you spin it it's still a bad design in my eyes if they have to incorporate a workaround like that just to avoid it. I try not to sound entitled to anything, it's their choice to make it that way as the artists and designers behind it, but it won't change my dislike of this feature (or rather lackthereof) or that I'm glad most games don't use it.

And I'm not saying others can't like it for what it is, if that's how it sounds, it's just I'm tired of every person I ever talk to about this somehow believes that I can't not like it. As if the game itself stands on a pedestal and people can't criticize it. This is the epitome of what annoys me about gaming in general: People who believe something is so true that it can't be untrue.

I think it is a good design.

In the end it comes down to opinion. In my opinion it is a really good idea.

Not trying to sound rude, but if you don't like that there isn't a pause, and you don't have enough free time to dedicate a solid/consecutive couple hours to Dark Souls then maybe it isn't the game for you.

Some games just required constant attention. They definitely didn't make this game for everybody. It has a set audience, I guess.

If it had a pause button, yeah I'd use it, but I'm not bother that it doesn't.

EDIT: Also, you're free to hate Dark Souls. Doesn't bother me a bit. I just don't think not having a pause button = a bad game. xD

So, because I have a somewhat busy / hectic life I am not allowed to play a game that I enjoy from a genre that I love?

What an insane comment.

Wait until you have a family death... (odd sentence)... When you have a family 5 seconds is too much - it needs to be instant...

I'll still play (and love) the game, but I will die a lot and lose a lot of souls as a result.

Since the kiddies in this thread seem to think this is me raging (and for some reason hating on the game), let me set the record straight. As I said in my previous posts this is a minor annoyance, and is not ruining the game... But given that this is a forum related to talking about games... I figured it would be the place to discuss gaming related minor annoyances. :)

Anyway, I have found a workaround - now I just switch the full console off. Instant, one button fix so that I can respond to family members who need my attention.

Imagine Halo or CoD did this - how many of you would be on GameFAQs b******* about it?
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User Info: TheRob

4 years ago#92
Banana_Mana posted...
Imagine Halo or CoD did this - how many of you would be on GameFAQs b******* about it?

Err... They do that. If you play online, you can't pause. Same as Dark Souls.
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User Info: NeoGeoXSega

4 years ago#93
From: Deathx113 | #060
I've posted waaaaaay too much, but damn people, 10 seconds of your life is too much?

You guys must have never played in an arcade. Back in the day we COULDN'T pause... at all.

It takes all of 5 seconds to press pause, go left, click quit.

It takes about 10-20 seconds to load the game back up.

You have someone knock on your door:

Guy: *knock knock*

Player: "Oh, god! I have to pause! This is bad, this is really really bad!" *5 seconds later, quits game*

*Player answers the door*

Guy: "Dude, where the hell were you? I've been standing here for 10 seconds! This is ridiculous! I'm not coming over here again!"

Sucks people don't know the game autosaves nearly every second & they can quit the game anytime & be reloaded at their exact same spot.
"gone are the days of creativity, and playing japanese games because you secretly wish you were japanese" -CinisterX
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