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Are you staying with Microsoft next gen?

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User Info: RHDF20BPrelude

4 years ago#81
Too many rumored mandates.

Last gen, I only played PS2, you couldnt GIVE me an XBOX. But this one turned it around. I still got both but preferred the 360 like 20/80 over PS3.

But all these rumors...are not good. I'll probably just go PC.

The ONLY reason I even needed a console this gen was for maybe 10 games. Everything else I played was also on PC and probably 100x better on it. I also dont like knowing that a current PC Skyrim with realism mods is well beyond what the next consoles will EVER be capable of. Hell Crysis 1 probably is.

Depends if I REALLY need Forza 5 that badly.
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User Info: CaIiber345

4 years ago#82
Mrluzo posted...

How have the given gamers the finger? They have offered you Kinect, Smart Glass, some great exclusives, most multi plat games run better on the Xbox 360.

They are not sitting back in a chair doing an evil laugh and pointing at you...You do not like what they offered so move on to PS4. PS4 does not have what Apple are offering, are you going to middle finger them as well? Move on to Apple? Idiotic logic to blame a company for offering you something you do not appreciate.

. Your prior post read that all of these things benefit your wants and needs, specifically a multimedia hub. That's fine.

Those things do NOT suit mine. I have no need for Kinect, Smart Glass, Netflix, and whatever other stuff is available. I have a PC, tablet, and smartphone for my multimedia needs. When I turn on my 360, it is to play games 99% of the time. The other 1% is when I put on a DVD.

I want games. That's it. But MS is pushing Halo/Gears/Forza/Kinect, and all of them are stale. Maybe if some of the resources devoted to those and all of the extraneous features were allocated for new IPs, we'd get something we actually want. And yes, I'm speaking for the contingent of gamers that are of the same mind, not all gamers.
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User Info: RPG_Apostle

4 years ago#83
Hi hellbringher ol' buddy ol' pal!

How've you been?

Missed you.
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