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EA Games Origin Player Appreciation Sale

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User Info: gudaman

4 years ago#11
SunDevil77 posted...
I picked up the Mass Effect Trilogy because I had 2 and 3 on PC, and had never had any of the DLC. Sold my copies for 35.. Can't beat 3 fantastic games for $10 each + quite a bit of DLC...Plus I love the box for the trilogy.

But of course, being Origin, they royally f***ed up my order for a couple days. Charged me, but said I had never ordered anything on my account...I've bought 6 or 7 games from them.

This happened to me when bf3 came out, I bought a copy from them, realized I didn't use a promotional code, canceled the order, reordered using code ($10 off). Waited a week before I called them about not shipping, realized they had canceled that order without my request. Got 2 copies of bf3 xbox 360 edition free. Promo code expired day after I ordered for some reason and never got changed my account.

I love/hate EA and origin.
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User Info: KillaBeAt

4 years ago#12
Origin is an awful service.

I only ever use it for PC games (where I don't have to count on them physically doing anything in order for me to get the game I paid for).

It must be unorganized as hell in there, but they offer some great deals on games so I still occasionally end up buying games from their DD store.
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User Info: OMG_AIDS

4 years ago#13
Got NFS: MW for Wii U. How can I pass up $30 on launch day?
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