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Freezing Issues..

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User Info: manhuntiscool

4 years ago#1
I have the original white xbox, got it used from Gamestop a few months back because it's all I could afford. No problems with it, until recently. Tried playing this weekend and cannot play more than 10 minutes without it freezing. No red rings or anything like that, it just freezes. At first I thought it was my HDD because there was only 1.0 gigs left, so I deleted a game off my HDD but nope, still the same. Thought it was EA MMA, nope, tried playing GTAIV after and the same thing happened.

Thinking about returning it since I have a 1 year warranty but it sucks because I want it haha. Anyone else experiencing this? Should I just return it and not bother? Also, I tried using different power supplies since I have 2 and still nothing, Idunno.

User Info: FearlessWill92

4 years ago#2
Its going to die soon so throw it away

User Info: JessicaJungxo

4 years ago#3
the black ones are better (Elite and Slim)
PSN: Rutgers Student XBL: Jessica Jung xo
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