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Do you use a headset while gaming? or just sound from your speakers?

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User Info: CammyApple

4 years ago#21
CaPwnD posted...
And if you have an older 360 you can use the DSS to power the Astro Mixamp.

Yes, but when I did that setup I had a hum. This might be because I also use a wired controller, and that often creates hums in these weird setups. Actually I'm kind of limited on where I can plug in my DSS and mixamp. Right now my DSS is plugged into my TV, so I need my TV on to power the DSS!

Though to be fair I never had Dolby enabled on the Mixamp as I figured a red light meant off.

Forgive me if you already understand how it works, but perhaps others may not know.... The DSS or mixamp or other units like this take the 6 channels of audio (from the toslink optical) and simulate surround sound, and output that to two channel (one for each ear). So the first device is doing that, and the second device is just passing that on.

You should have the Dolby disabled on the device that doesn't have the toslink optical plugged into it. So if the DSS has the toslink, the mixamp should not have the Dolby digital enabled. The two channel audio passing through is already exactly how you want it.

Again forgive me if you know that already, but if have dolby digital enabled on both devices it's not going to sound as good.

I only mention the Dolby as I didn't have it on when using the Astro Amp on it's own. So I can't compare that amp on it;s own.
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User Info: Xx_King_Beef_xX

4 years ago#22
I use a pair of Turtle Beach x12s. I pretty much only game when the wife and kids are in bed and our house is pretty small so I have to use headphones if I want to be able to hear my games and not wake anybody up.
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User Info: BigMoneyAnt

4 years ago#23
I've been using the XP seven for a while now, and I highly recommend them.
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