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Why do you guys continue to support the Xbox?

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User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#41
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User Info: Venomscarnage

4 years ago#42
RubMyDucky posted...
Microsoft once relied on the hardcore by giving them awesome games, but that time has now gone and now they have abounded the hardcore and now rely on the mainstream and only use the hardcore by skinning their exclusive games and making half of their content premium DLC because they know people support their exclusive franchises will buy them.

So again, why do you guys support a company that blatantly uses you because I genuinely feel bad for all of you when there are better options out there like Steam and PS3.

Why do you take the time to come in here and post a topic such as this? I enjoy all of the consoles in their own way. I think Steam is a great way to play PC games and PS3 has Playstation Plus which I think is a great feature, but who are you to come in here and blatantly flame everyone else here because of a console we enjoy?

Besides you think Steam and PS3 are flawless?
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  3. Why do you guys continue to support the Xbox?

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